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View the GDPR as an opportunity rather than a threat

The impact of data collection on our daily lives and our privacy is constantly increasing. This is one of the reasons why something needed to be done at a European level to better protect the privacy of citizens’ data. And that something is the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will come into effect on 25 May 2018. The introduction of this new regulation is making a lot of companies and organisations rather nervous. Hyarchis also regularly receives questions about the GDPR, generally about this in combination with our Document Management System (DMS). Erwin van den Broek, product manager at Hyarchis, discusses this in an interview with privacy lawyer Friederike van der Jagt. If you would like to read the interview, leave your details below and you will be directed to the download page.




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FNV chooses Hyarchis Legal

Trade union FNV is implementing the software solution Hyarchis Legal. FNV operates a department that represents members on an individual basis (Individuele Belangen Behartiging). Hyarchis Legal will support the regional offices of this department in the digital processing of documents and data relating to legal services in the area of work and income. The merger of four Dutch trade unions (FNV Bouw, FNV Sport, Abvakabo FNV and FNV Bondgenoten) resulted in three separate systems being in use at the same time. To further facilitate a digital working method, there was a clear need within FNV for a single, overarching system that would promote collaboration between employees while also making information more transparent.

A central platform

The Hyarchis Legal software was the solution FNV was looking for. Hyarchis Legal supports working digitally from any device, and because this system provides a central location where all information concerning a case can be recorded, managed and shared, all stakeholders can “discuss” a case through a single platform. The software solution comprises an online working environment with modules for customer communications and document management. What’s more, because all documentation is stored centrally, lawyers working for FNV in various regions can take over each other’s work when necessary. In 2018, the system will be connected to the new digital environment of the Dutch courts.

“Clients are becoming increasingly demanding, revenue models are under pressure, competition is growing and the permanent workplace is disappearing,” says Hyarchis CCO Marijke Vos. “To future-proof the organisation, it’s essential for case and document processes to be digitised. Since Hyarchis Legal has been specially designed for the legal sector, FNV will be able to make this step in the short term. The system is planned to go live late this year or early next year; everyone’s working hard on the preparations right now.”