About us


Hyarchis believes in shared success. Joint investment in relationships is the key to solid software implementation. Hyarchis maintains close contact with the client and takes responsibility at all times, no matter where or when. Partnership squared: that is what makes Hyarchis strong.

Consistently demonstrating major involvement in clients and resellers, Hyarchis offers plug&play software solutions for Digital Business, Online Collaboration, Document Management and Customer Communication. Hyarchis solutions are implemented in the primary client process in the healthcare, mortgage, insurance, pension and accountancy sectors.


Hyarchis was founded in 1985 by our current CEO, André van der Doelen. At its inception, Hyarchis started out as VDD IQware and gained experience in imaging, archiving, document management and enterprise content management. In 1999, VDD IQware went independent and started developing its own document management system: Hyarchis.Net. In 2013, VDD IQware rebranded its operations under the Hyarchis name. Since then, Hyarchis has expanded into a suite encompassing a wide range of products, serving over 55,000 users in the Netherlands and internationally.

Our headquarters are based in Eindhoven. We also have offices in Amsterdam.

Hyarchis is your partner for:

  • Digital Business
  • Online Collaboration
  • Customer Communication
  • Document Management