Marijke Vos

Marijke Vos:marijke-vos-hyarchis

“New possibilities and opportunities within reach”

Leadership comes naturally to CCO Marijke Vos. She likes being the one to set the course, and enjoys seeing that the talents of the staff are integrated seamlessly with the services of the organisation. She finds working with people both enjoyable and challenging. It’s sometimes a case of ‘two steps forward and one step back’. And there will always be the doubters who insist on asking ‘why?’ before they’re ready to act. But that keeps me on my toes.”

“In my opinion, leadership is not an individual task, but rather co-creation. A leader shows the way, sets the course toward the point on the horizon. Although we don’t know in advance how we will get there, everyone contributes in their own way to reaching that goal. To a large extent, colleagues are given the freedom to determine themselves how they’ll get there. They’re given the scope to act on their own initiative and ask for help where needed. I am really in favour of recognising and celebrating milestones and points along the way. Everything that has been accomplished so far and is happening now should be valued.”


“My biggest ambition is to put the ‘new Hyarchis’ on the map. Though we’ve always been known as a document management supplier, these days we support a complete digitised process with online collaboration at the core. The end customer, the employees and the external specialists all work in the same digital workplace. We don’t just want to be a part of the primary digitisation process: we want to add value to it. And we do, too, by really thinking hard about how to make our customers’ working experience more enjoyable and how to help them be more successful. I see opportunities for our customers, but for us too. Hyarchis is well-known in the financial market, but that’s not the only sector where people are busy compiling cases and providing consultancy. Spotting new opportunities and tapping into new markets are great challenges, ones that give me a lot of positive energy. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to work here: I see a future in this company and a lot of potential for growth.”


“I get a lot of energy from collaborating with our customers. It feels good to operate as equal partners and to complete a project together. Hyarchis is becoming increasingly attuned to the end users of our solutions. It used to be that the focus was more on the technical implementation. These days, however, we try to find out who the end users will be, and get this group involved as part of the project. That’s brilliant to see. What I really love is when colleagues come up with initiatives on their own, when they share ideas, when they are enterprising. When everyone is engaged, takes responsibility and shows initiative, this all brings new opportunities within reach. I value this and try to encourage it as much as possible. I can’t do it on my own: success is something you achieve together.”

Competitive advantage

“Online collaboration is really starting to take off. Businesses are starting to see the benefits of this approach, and can create increasingly efficient work processes. Transparency often plays a big role in this. Where the various parties used to work behind closed doors, we’re starting to see our customers becoming more transparent towards their own customers. For example, accountants are allowing customers access to their own cases, and letting them know when their financial statements are ready by sending a notification online. The customers can then sign online too. For us, these developments open up great opportunities. Our competitive advantage is that, with our system, everyone—customer, specialist, partner and end customer—can work together in one and the same virtual workplace.”