Sybrand Jongejans


Sybrand Jongejans:

“We combine innovation with stability” 

As a six-year old, Sybrand Jongejans wanted to be an Olympic sailing medallist when he grew up. He became CTO of Hyarchis instead. His knowledge of sailing comes in handy in his work though. “Sailing taught me how to analyse, how to apply tactics, and how to visualise the way from point A to point B.”

“I was already interested in technology as a child. I always wanted to ‘break’ things and put them back together—but better. When my dad bought a computer in the 80s, it was immediately clear to me that you could do useful things with such a device. He had a butcher’s shop, so I developed an application that would make it easier for him to analyse data. I really enjoyed developing things and paid my way through university by building applications. So I definitely had an affinity with IT, but once I finished my studies at technical college, I asked myself if that was really what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to go on to university to study business administration. It was there that I learned that I am very good at explaining what you can do with technology, and how this can add value to a company.”

Fuel for innovation

“When I was 29, I was given the opportunity to manage one of the branches of the company I was working for. The branch was in the red and I got it in the black within two years. I fight for things I believe in and make choices that are good for the company— even if these choices are not so good for me. I also stand 100% behind my team and believe in the abilities of every person. You can achieve unique things when you make good use of people’s talents; it’s the fuel that feeds innovation. We offer added value by continuously making our customers’ processes that little bit better, that little bit more efficient. When a customer responds enthusiastically to one of our new solutions, that makes me happy. But we don’t often allow ourselves time to celebrate: we’re generally off immediately working out the next improvement.”

Moving forward

“We develop services that help our customers move forward. Like software that allows them to give their customers insight at all times, and that gives the latter more value for their money. When we develop something new, we focus on where the shoe pinches for the customer. If we work with the customer to find a solution to this, we create value based on a mutual interest. So we see our customers as collaboration partners. And they value that. What they also like is the fact that we combine innovative strength with stability. We ensure that the business can continue full speed ahead, while we improve and innovate the process along the way.”

Accelerating change

“Our world is changing at breakneck speed. I think that generalist companies will eventually disappear. Specialists will join forces so that they can deliver added value to their customers. As a specialist, this offers us opportunities that we would like to seize. We are looking for the alliances that will enable us to offer more value to our customers at home and abroad. We have to get started now. It’s key that we make our products as fully ‘partnerable’ as possible so that they connect seamlessly with other sources and software packages. It’s our job and our pleasure to ensure that our company and our customers are ready for the future.”