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Information kept in archives is often unstructured and overwhelming, generally hidden away in file types such as scanned documents that are not always easy to read. Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence unlocks unstructured data in your archive, turning the proverbial filing cabinet into a valuable source of information, enabling you to simplify your decision-making processes and automate your business processes. But above all, it will give you clear insight into the results of your business operations.


» Hyarchis Search-it

Fully automated archive searching and reading

The biggest stumbling block in unlocking information from your archive is gaining access to the information in files and structuring it. Many documents are saved as non-searchable or only partially searchable files, such as scanned documents. Using artificial intelligence, these documents can be retrieved and read in a fully automated manner and subsequently can be provided with an invisible text layer. While your original archive remains intact, the information it contains is completely searchable. Aside from that, Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence presents essential business intelligence at a glance.


» Hyarchis Classify

Creating a structured archive

Every archive contains unclassified or incorrectly classified documents, and it is often not clear which documents are actually kept in the archive, or in other cases certain documents are erroneously assumed to be kept in the archive. The latter problem not only leads to a poor-quality archive, it can also have far-reaching consequences such as data leaks or the violation of data protection legislation. Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence lets you regain control of the contents of your archive through an extremely reliable document classification process.


The benefits of Search-it & Classify

  • Better-grounded decision-making processes
    Make decisions for the future based on historic data.
  • Improved process automation
    Automated classification and filing of incoming documents prevents manual work.
  • Work more efficiently
    Instant and easy access to the right information in the right case.

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