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Document management is currently undergoing a significant transformation. Starting out as simple archive items, documents have grown into a valuable source of information, essential to decision-making processes and process automation. The problem is that information kept in archives is often unstructured and ‘hidden away’ in unreadable file types. Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence now adds a new dimension to finding, accessing and reading information.


Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence transforms your archive into an intuitive source of information

Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence unlocks the information kept in your archive, automates business processes and manages your archive in the most flexible way possible. Whether it concerns tens of thousands or tens of millions of documents, Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence technology has a proven track record in highly complex archive environments.


Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence toolkit

The Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence range currently spans four different tools in two categories: Governance and Business Intelligence. Read all about it on the next pages.

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Customisation with Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence

Process automation

Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence offers a wide range of business process automation and robotisation options, allowing you to make your work processes more effective and less error-prone. Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence makes your archive fully searchable and also enables access to information that used to be hidden away in inaccessible documents.

Automatic document checking and processing

Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence automatically checks incoming documents, such as in the acceptance process at an insurance company, mortgage lender or loan provider. After automated document recognition and data read-out, Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence automatically assigns a follow-up step. This can be a green light for further processing, an orange light for manual verification, or a red light when document contents are incomplete or inadequate.


Process automation and document checking are applications that are not easy to standardise in a toolkit, and they therefore always involve customisation. We would be happy to go over your specific case to see whether Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence can provide the solution you need.

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