Kaunas will become our marketing hub and base for working on an international strategy

Visit kaunas

Our colleagues Erwin and Krijn regularly fly to our office in Kaunas, Lithuania. For customer-related developments of course, and also for discussing new versions and the roadmap. There was never any reason to visit from a marketing perspective. Until recently…As of January 2020, Kaunas will become our marketing hub and base for working on an international strategy. That’s a pretty good reason, right?

Kaunas initially opened as a development office. Starting this month, the office will also act as a convenient hub for the marketing team. This is an ideal location for bridging the gap between the Netherlands, the UK, the Baltic states and Scandinavia. In 2019, we won the business of an Irish customer and also brought a Lithuanian partner on board. You get the gist; having one central location for working on business development and further internationalisation of Hyarchis is vitally important.

International message
Last year, Hyarchis took the significant step of offering Hyarchis Document Management (HDM) in the cloud. We also made other significant advances in applying AI technology to the content of the Hyarchis Document Management (HDM) archives. We are currently in the middle of a transition from document management to data management. So it’s time to change our message to the market. We are going to freshen up our look and feel and develop the existing internationalisation strategy further.

Marketing in 2020
And what about the marketing team? The team has now grown to four people. Marlijn Nelissen, familiar to you in the context of Hyarchis Connect in 2019, mainly focuses on Dutch customers and partners. Greta Zaikauskaitė joined us in January. As our marketing coordinator, she monitors and manages consistency between the different markets, countries and target groups. Arvydas Sciukas is a UX designer and web designer. He works on the screens for our applications and is also involved in the new Hyarchis website and corporate identity. Julia Jokužytė started with us in January. She focuses on employee branding. With a team of 20 developers, this is a task that should not be underestimated. The team of data scientists in particular will need to grow and she will organise activities and communications that facilitate this. And my role? My position has broadened during the past year. As a result, I now stand on the sidelines as a coach for marketing. I contribute ideas on the main themes and keep an eye on the targets and the budget. And okay, I’ll admit it: I really wanted to go to Kaunas…kaunas visit

The visit
Marlijn and I had chosen a misty Monday for our visit. The weather conditions really put our patience to the test. After a delay of several hours, we eventually arrived in Kaunas. Even so, the week was productive, warm and enjoyable. And physically active too, as Marlijn and I had the opportunity of walking to the office from our hotel every day…A blessing in disguise, because nearly every working day ended with a delicious dinner.

After all the intensive brainstorming sessions on the new proposition, corporate identity and website, we can look back in satisfaction on the initiatives we set up together. The details are being worked out now and we will see the first results towards the summer. The visits to Kaunas will be more regular from now on. With good reason: we go beyond borders!

Author: Claudia Meessen