How you communicate with your customer is what sets you apart

The work carried out in an accountancy firm has changed drastically and will continue to change over the coming years. The relationship with the customer is changing: customers are becoming increasingly critical, and they have become used to communicating quickly and (especially) online. This has become their standard, meaning they expect this from you too. You want to set your firm apart from other businesses and create customer loyalty. You do this through advertising, of course, but also through providing personal, professional communication. Whether it’s the annual report, other company reports, quotations, letters or emails, every form of communication with your customers contributes to the image they have of your firm.

Document output

“The number of software packages we use just keeps increasing year by year.” Sound familiar? And that all this software is producing documents generated from a work process? Output: that’s what the IT department calls it. Generally, the production of these documents is programmed into the application of, for example, Unit4, AFAS, Innolan or Exact. Actually, you have little control over what the document will look like. And changing the layout in any way, or sending along a letter with the same look and feel? Perish the thought! But what’s more, it’s generally not possible to make any changes yourself, or to send the document to a colleague first for approval.

Hyarchis document compostion

Compose documents yourself with ease

Every document your customer receives represents your firm and your services. Documents that have been made with care and attention reinforce the quality and value of your service. If communication is one of the ways you can ensure that your firm stands out from the rest, you surely want to be able to influence the content and form of your documents, right?

What you want is this: a single tool to help you manage all outgoing communications, from emails and quotations to the annual report and other company reports. The information required is collected from the various systems already in use at your firm and compiled using the appropriate document template. These templates can be edited and managed by anyone: no need for an IT degree, just a short training session and you are ready to create text blocks, create a new template and edit the layout.

Document components that appear in different locations on the various documents can be maintained centrally. This means that when text needs to be edited to reflect new laws or regulations, for example, rather than having to make and check the revisions document by document (and perhaps for dozens of documents), this can all be done in one go. Satisfying compliance guidelines can be taken for granted.

Hyarchis Document Composition is the solution

Hyarchis Document Composition offers all of the above. If you want to ensure that the documents produced by your firm are error-free and always in the right version, that all outgoing communications have a consistent look and feel, and if you want to save money on editing all output components spread across your application landscape, Hyarchis Document Composition is the tool for you.

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