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‘The most open everything-and-more system for the legal industry.’

Quite a head-scratcher, right? Hyarchis Legal is indeed special – we are happy to explain further! There are many ‘all-in-one’ systems on the market for the modern legal professional. The only problem is that hardly any of them are open, which means that it is not possible, or is at least difficult to link them to existing or future software systems. With Hyarchis Legal, this is possible. What is more, Hyarchis Legal offers greater functionality than the most comprehensive all-in-one application.

Everything in one place

The Hyarchis Legal portal keeps everything in one place: time reporting, financial administration, expenses, case management, document management (DMS), customer relations management (CRM), a link to the Dutch courts, online collaboration, secure sending of documents, an internal and external chat feature and a range of marketing options. It covers anything from a newsletter tool to lead management.

Hyarchis Legal manages all aspects of your business operations centrally. You log in once and then have everything at your fingertips – just as your client does and any other specialists you are collaborating with. Hyarchis Legal is an open ‘everything-and-more system’ and is specialised in each individual sub-section. This is what makes Hyarchis Legal so special.

Working from a single starting point

What matters most for every legal professional? Working effectively and professionally on cases, preferably with as few different software packages as possible. There is no time for faults, embracing endless applications or working inefficiently – and certainly not for endless discussions with clients about how much time you have been spending on them. Do you want to work securely and transparently on a case using an application that you and your client feel at ease with? One where there is no uncertainty about whether the system conforms to GDPR-related regulations or digital litigation? Do you want to work with self-confidence and enjoyment on your cases? Hyarchis Legal is setting the new standards for legal practice.


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