Digitalisation of the legal industry

The legal landscape is changing and the pressure to keep up with the changes is mounting. People became used to working digitally, and expect the legal industry to do the same. Clients are ever more demanding and want transparency in their fees. Revenue models are under pressure, competition is growing, workplaces are going mobile, the use of external professionals is increasingly commonplace, and above all: regulations are making the judicial system go digital.

As the world changes, Hyarchis stays focused on the core: on legal professionals, cases and clients.

Implementation of the KEI programme to boost quality and innovation in the judicial system

The government is forcing the issue of digitalisation by switching to what is known as e-justice. The KEI programme is intended to enhance access to justice, make the judicial system work faster and offer more customised solutions. Implementation of the KEI programme in 2017 offers a great opportunity for you to take a closer look at your case and document processes. When it comes to streamlining your document processes, Hyarchis is the partner you can rely on.

Your clients want digital

Innovation of the industry is needed because clients increasingly expect to be able to review their case documents and check case progress online, like they can with other services. Aside from that, they are more critical when it comes to spending their budget for legal services. This opens up great opportunities for law firms and individual lawyers to differentiate themselves from others in how they collaborate and manage client relationships.

Your work process is our thought process

Hyarchis offers an SaaS platform that supports various internal and external roles. Flexible building blocks such as CRM, document management, case management, timekeeping, billing, financial records, management reports, online collaboration and resource planning allow all those involved to work together on a case in the smoothest way possible.

If you want to put your clients first and outdo the competition, get in touch with us right away for a demo.

Hyarchis participates in the Lexpo 2018 on 16 and 17 April

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