Are you ready for KEI and the digital legal system?

In July 2016, the Dutch Senate adopted four bills implementing digitisation in the legal system. In civil and administrative cases, litigants will be able to submit their procedural documents in digital form for the court’s assessment, for example when submitting a divorce petition, a payment dispute or a dispute with the municipal authorities about a permit. Civil proceedings have also been simplified. The legislation will be phased in starting from early 2017.

These bills form the basis of the new Dutch programme for quality and innovation in the legal system (‘KEI’, the Dutch initialism for Quality and Innovation). This programme is a collaborative effort of the Ministry of Security and Justice and the judiciary to simplify and digitise civil and administrative proceedings. The aim behind the KEI programme is to create a more accessible legal system that can work faster and is better able to provide customised solutions.

How digitally do you want to communicate?

Once KEI has been implemented, as a lawyer in a law firm, you will be able to use the free web portal made available by the Dutch judiciary to provide access to the “digital court”. One disadvantage, however, is that you will need to leave your own system to enter theirs. Case documents need to be saved locally before they can be uploaded to the portal. Besides the fact that some of the processing takes place outside of your own system, you do not have as good an overview of the case and it’s harder to keep track of document versions.

So in these times of process optimisation, a direct link between the systems of the judiciary and your firm is indispensable. Twenty law firms have formed a joint venture with the aim of developing a system-to-system link. They have contracted Topicus, who will also be offering licences for the link to other parties on the market. We at Hyarchis will, of course, be connecting our document management solution directly to this KEI link.

Added value of the system-to-system link

With this direct link between the document management system (DMS) in use at your firm and the system of the judiciary, you retain full control over the case file being prepared. You see which documents (in which version) are ready to be sent, and you see what is still missing. By keeping the number of manual operations to a minimum, the risk of errors is greatly reduced and deadlines can be monitored.

Why Hyarchis Legal?

The objective of digitising the legal system is to make it more accessible while speeding up proceedings. It is not a non-committal change though. This is the moment when you take a long, hard look at your processes and come to the conclusion that you want to switch to a fully integrated, system-to-system method of working. And yet you hesitate: this would mean having to completely change the way you manage your documents too. Perhaps you work with folders, or with a DMS that is not connected to the digital world. Once operational, Hyarchis will immediately offer the link through its DMS.

Hyarchis is an expert when it comes to document management and a specialist in the migration of old systems to new. Together with you, we can ensure a smooth migration to a document management system with a direct link to the digital court’s systems. The migration is worked out to the finest detail and monitored every step of the way.

It’s good to note, too, that the link has been developed in such a way that it can eventually be used to connect other case-related flows and chain partners, such as bailiffs, insurers and other government agencies, as well. So this first step will put you in the starting blocks for further digitisation of your processes in the future.

Hyarchis is your partner in digital business

Even if you feel your firm is too modest to require such a fully integrable system, you can rest assured that Hyarchis can offer the right solution for you too.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact us. We’d be happy to help.