Mortage sector


Developments in the mortgage sector are currently moving at a rapid pace. The house market is picking up, as a result of which the battle for homebuyers has broken out again. We can help you win this battle. Our solutions for online cooperation, document management and workflow help you truly make the customer the central focus, accelerated time to market and reduce operational costs. This allows you to offer your customer that little bit more.

We have an impressive track record in the mortgage market. Our solutions are used on a large scale in mortgage advice, acceptance and back-office processes. Our customers for these solutions include ING, Rabobank / Obvion, ABN AMRO (Mortgages Group), NIBC Bank/Direct, Vivat Verzekeringen, SNS Bank, CMIS, Syntrus Achmea Vastgoed, Stater, Quion and De Hypotheker.

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