Mortgage industry


Developments in the mortgage industry are moving at breakneck speed. We are experiencing historically low interest rates and, partly due to this, activity on the housing market remains on an upward trend.

Winning the battle

And as housing market activity intensifies, so does the battle for home buyers as mortgage consumers. We can help you win this battle. Our solutions for online collaboration, document management and workflow help you really put the customer first, accelerate time-to-market and reduce operational costs, leaving you free to offer your customers that “something extra”.

Track record in the mortgage market

We have an impressive track record in the mortgage market. Our solutions are used on a large scale in mortgage advice, acceptance and back-office processes. Some of our customers that benefit from our solutions include ING, Rabobank/Obvion, ABN AMRO (Hypotheken Groep), NIBC Bank/Direct, Vivat Verzekeringen, SNS Bank, CMIS, Syntrus Achmea Vastgoed, Stater, Quion and De Hypotheker. Hyarchis solutions offer support for all parts of the mortgage process, from front to back office.

Hyarchis Mortgage Solution

Hyarchis has developed a solution especially for intermediaries. The Hyarchis Mortgage Solution is a cloud-based system that communicates exclusively using the HDN protocol of the Dutch mortgage cooperative association Hypotheken Data Netwerk, enabling a fast time-to-market. The Hyarchis Mortgage Solution guides the entire process, from the provision of the initial advice to execution of the deed. Using the online portal, the intermediary and the home buyer together collect the required documents and complete the mortgage application. The result is fast, transparent and fully digital processing that sees that the home buyer gets the final offer without any reservations or delays.

HDN protocol

All communications with the home buyer, including the mortgage offer, can be generated through the Mortgage Solution, fully tailored to the home buyer’s situation and in full compliance with the criteria and conditions of the lender. All communications with the lenders are sent using the HDN protocol.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your organisation focus fully on your customers, contact us. We’d be happy to talk with you.