Hyarchis customer communications and the “Pension correspondence book”


Implementation costs under pressure

The staff and resources in your office are shrinking, but your organisation still needs to get the administration and other office work done. Implementation costs are under pressure, so any activity in the realm of administration that you can optimise saves time and money.

Communication with the pension holders is such an activity: it’s essential for the relationship with your holders, but also very labour-intensive. In addition to compulsory pension correspondence sent out in accordance with the “Pensioen 1-2-3” system (providing information at 3 levels of detail), various letters, documents, emails and statements still need to be composed and maintained by actual people.

Pension communications

Although we can see that pension applications also produce a document as the result of a process, programmers are still needed to make changes to the text or layout. Arranging to have the template edited or having a new one created is sometimes an IT matter that needs to be included in a release cycle. This is both expensive and time-consuming.

We also see that many administration departments are still using Microsoft Word as a word processor for official customer correspondence and depend on copy & paste to create the right variant of the letter. This often comes at the cost of quality. What’s more, this correspondence is handled on the local workstation: who’s to say that it will be saved to the right case? This manual process is also simply time-consuming and error-prone.

Two birds with one stone

So how can you save time and money and still send out personalised, up-to-date correspondence? Hyarchis Document Composition can help you deal with both these challenges. This centralised customer communications solution can be maintained by your own staff after following a short training session. Our product manager Benny van den Heuvel would be happy to tell you more!

Email us at: info@hyarchis.com

Pension correspondence book: even more convenience

If you would rather outsource the management of templates so that your staff have one less job to worry about, you can do this with the Hyarchis Pensioen Brievenboek (pension correspondence book), a kind of library with documents you can access through our cloud solution. This library offers a sound basis of documents that you can edit yourself as you see fit, and you can add to it too. The basic selection Hyarchis provides has been developed by experts.

If you would like to experience this convenience too, email Hyarchis at: info@hyarchis.com