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Hyarchis Business Intelligence solutions facilitate the transformation of static documents into active sources of information providing full control of your customer-related data. Regardless of the file type, we allow you to retrieve all relevant data at the push of a button. Hyarchis Business Intelligence solutions use Cloud-only technology which is secured by our ISO 270001 & ISO 27018 certifications. Our optical character recognition software provides you with an exceptional insight into your company’s archive while maintaining optimal security of your customers’ data, creating a reliable data management tool.

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Fully digitize your documents, even if they are only partially searchable or not searchable at all. Hyarchis Search-It allows you to search through your documents which date back to the age of the typewriter and beyond. Avoid losing important information and be able to find all data that you need in no time.

Using optical character recognition technology (OCR), our solution adds an invisible text layer to your documents in order to read data in an automated manner, while keeping the original archive item intact. There is no difference between scanned or typewritten files as our technology allows you to search through them in their entirety.
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Document classification improves the complex data management tasks. Hyarchis Classify turns coordination of your data into a fully automated process. Precise classification makes you completely aware of your customers’ data and enhances the process of data analysis within your company.

With Hyarchis Classify tool, finding relevant information becomes effortless – it establishes file types and automatically classifies documents based on interconnections between data points within the document.
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Testimonial Amresh Raghoenath Quion | Hyarchis
Amresh Raghoenath
Manager Operations, Quion
With unrestricted access to our source documents which contain our customer information, we create a single source of truth within our company. This is a source of truth that we can rely upon within all of our business processes. Together with Hyarchis, this is the first step in a long-term roadmap with which we aim to create large-scale automation for both our acceptance and quality assurance processes.
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