ABN AMRO Mortgages Group


ABN AMRO processes 25% of all Dutch mortgage applications annually and is the third-largest mortgage provider in the Netherlands.

ABN AMRO has centralised all its mortgage acceptance activities in the Netherlands in a single national service centre. As soon as a client signs the mortgage offer, ABN AMRO Mortgages Group in Amersfoort enters the picture. This group handles mortgage acceptance for the bank and issues final approval. Once they’re done, the client can go to the notary to arrange the actual house purchase. This process includes compiling a list of documents that the client is required to supply.

Documents are delivered through various channels. Some are sent by post from the regional offices, while others are delivered digitally via e-mail or uploaded to a portal. All the documents are digitised as soon as they come in and compiled in a client dossier. ABN AMRO has a paperless office; everything is digital. Hyarchis monitors dossier completion. Once a dossier is complete, the documents are assessed and cross-checks are conducted. Final approval is granted if all document details correspond to client specifications. ABN AMRO Mortgages Group has been using Hyarchis ECM since 2003. In 2008, Hyarchis Document Centric Workflow was added to achieve a completely paperless process.