InAdmin aims to achieve 100% paperless operations and communications. Processes involving paper cause delays and lead to higher costs. All incoming and outgoing correspondence and documents related to pension administration are digitally processed and archived. InAdmin uses Hyarchis Document Management for that purpose.

Client communications are preferably arranged through digital channels. This involves creating, managing and drafting correspondence. InAdmin communicates with employers and employees alike. Client communication needs to be possible via a wide range of channels. Traditionally, that would involve print documents, but it increasingly also includes digital channels such as e-mail, portal publication, and social media.

The documents are required to meet stringent standards of quality, not least because they communicate on behalf of third parties. Moreover, it has to be possible to create and edit documents quickly and easily, without IT expertise. InAdmin works for such parties as ABP, ABN AMRO, ASR and Swiss Re. InAdmin uses Hyarchis Document Composition. The system can be used to compose letters based on many different variables (logos, text blocks, etc.). As a result, a single system can handle correspondence for all InAdmin clients.