Nimag Suzuki


BV NIMAG, official importer for Suzuki, TVR and Morgan, started using Hyarchis Waxtrapp CMS in 2003 for the online presentation of cars, motorcycles and boats. More than 8 years later, NIMAG actively utilises all sorts of online opportunities. For instance, Hyarchis Waxtrapp Targeting Software was used at the end of 2011 in Suzuki Auto to support requests for test drives and brochures. It almost immediately resulted in a 200% conversion rate.

Suzuki Netherlands consists of three units, each representing a product segment with its own specific needs and challenges.

All three segments receive their own content based on the same Hyarchis Waxtrapp setup. The flexible layout ensures that the site administrators can adapt the content to appeal to people looking for a car, motorcycle or boat.
Hyarchis Waxtrapp CMS uses an intuitive navigation structure, a user-friendly, drag&drop-based editor and easy image editing options. This makes it possible for users to maintain the site with minimum training.
Although site management is distributed across multiple parties, the Hyarchis Waxtrapp CMS makes it possible for all the contributions to converge in the Suzuki Auto website.

Hyarchis has been playing an active role in the implementation of Suzuki’s online strategy for years. Hyarchis not only supports external parties, but also actively brainstorms for solutions to the challenges and opportunities for the various sites in order to keep developing and pursue success.