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Customer Communications Management (CCM) is a broad term, one that encompasses the processing of all incoming and outgoing communications between an organisation and its customers. CCM software is used to automate and regulate these flows and to seamlessly connect them to work processes. It used to be that the channels of communication were limited to post, telephone or fax. All very straightforward. These days, however, customer communications are spread across a wide variety of channels, even across several channels during a single process. And what’s more, today’s customer has high expectations when it comes to response time and the speed of information transfer. To keep up with customer demand and do so efficiently, you have to have an effective software solution.

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Customer communications involve communication from both sides, with today’s customers participating more in the process, by requesting a quote themselves for example. This falls within the scope of what is called customer self-service. And even when customers view their affairs online (rather than receiving everything by post), this falls under Customer Communications Management too. With good CCM software, this has been taken into account, so the software supports the shift to online collaboration in the digital business process.

Customer Communications Management with Hyarchis

Hyarchis CCM software offers a solution for multi-channel, multi-label and multi-language communications. Our software gives customer communications a strategic position in your organisation, while the technology perfectly supports the implementation of your organisations’ objectives. Given that optimising certain document flows is not just an operational choice, the selection of CCM software is a matter for which commitment at board level is needed. Naturally, strategic goals must first be translated into concrete and measurable result targets that can be linked to functional aspects of a CCM software solution design.

The combination of Hyarchis Document Composition and Hyarchis Digital Business Platform offers a complete solution for all communications challenges that your organisation faces today and will face tomorrow.

All the benefits of Customer Communications Management at a glance:

  • Facilitates easy communication over multiple channels
  • Automates communication flows
  • Makes communications management part of your business strategy
  • Provides support for customer self-service

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