Finzie offers innovative financial advice with the help of Hyarchis

Finzie biedt innovatief financieel advies met behulp van Hyarchis

The financial market is changing, and so is the consumer. This puts a new spin on the relationship between the consumer and the financial service provider. Both are searching for new ways to do business, and one of the new possibilities is a closer collaboration between the two parties. Digital communication channels are increasingly coming into play in facilitating this collaboration. As a direct response to these developments, financial service provider ROMEO Financiële Diensten launched its new concept Finzie, a franchise formula that proactively optimises the consumer’s financial affairs, both big and small. Consumers using this service always get the best possible deal and never need to worry about whether their financial affairs are in order. Hyarchis was involved in the start-up and development of the underlying system for the front, middle and back office right from the beginning, and built the website too.

A whirlwind start for Finzie

The story of Finzie begins with an action-packed – you could even say dizzying – start. The entire formula was developed and launched in just nine months. Finzie, which went live in December 2016, is a franchise concept that offers consumers full-service advice on mortgages and other money matters for a very competitive price. This advice is the start of a long-term, wide-ranging consultancy relationship. Every month, consumers receive proactive, innovative advice on how to save money on their mortgage and insurance package. And when faced with changes in their personal situation, they receive suggestions on products with a better fit or concerning financial decisions that need to be made. In short, Finzie’s objective is to ease the customer’s financial concerns and provide guidance on money matters.

Hyarchis solutions behind Finzie

The realisation of this unique, innovative service concept called for an environment that would allow the consultant and customers to get together online, as well as at a physical location. What was needed was a system that would connect the front, middle and back office and enable fully web-based communication. After all, contact between Finzie coaches and their customers would be of the ‘anywhere and anytime’ variety. And document sharing, like sending a copy of a pay slip or a passport, would be done exclusively online too. So, a seamless connection between the various systems was crucial for Finzie. Hyarchis has a long history with document management systems, and the company is a major player in this area in the mortgage market. Finzie is Hyarchis’ first customer in the financial services sector to make full use of all the possibilities offered by the Hyarchis Digital Platform, a powerful combination of web-based process support, document management, customer communication management and content management. Backed by this combination, Finzie can deliver its services as digitally as possible, from the very first contact right up to, and throughout, the long-term consultancy phase. What’s more, the Hyarchis platform links to additional elements, like calculation tools, through web services. And to ensure efficient processing of the mortgage application, it is fully aligned with the Dutch mortgage cooperative association Hypotheken Data Netwerk (HDN). Finzie complies with the HDN standard and is also certified. Hyarchis’ systems enable Finzie to make effective use of data and documents, realise its proposition and ensure the entire chain is structured as efficiently as possible.

Putting the customer first

Finzie puts the customer first and aims to provide its services at a very competitive price, which can only be achieved through technology that supports ease of use, speed, efficiency and financial reporting. To manage a customer’s mortgage, insurance policies and savings accounts, Finzie charges a very reasonable 25 euros per month. Finzie contacts the customer at appropriate moments, offering relevant information. This unique approach sets Finzie apart from other financial consultancy organisations.

Collaboration between Finzie and Hyarchis

Both Finzie and Hyarchis see this collaboration as a joint effort. This is not a typical customer-supplier relationship: this is co-creation and collaboration at its best. This fine partnership emerged from using the Scrum methodology in the joint project team (and in other areas too). To work together on one product, both parties need to be of one mind and have their eyes on the same prize. Right now, the project team is busy optimising the customers’ personal space (the ‘Mijn’ environment), so that consumers will be able to manage their products more easily. Ultimately, Finzie wants to be able to offer consumers ‘holistic advice’, covering mortgages, insurance and savings options and, eventually, care and income for the future. And, with Finzie’s fresh perspective on the future of financial advice combined with Hyarchis’ innovative technologies, this mission is sure to succeed.