Happy customers at Finzie partly thanks to the Hyarchis Digital Business Platform

Finzie biedt innovatief financieel advies met behulp van Hyarchis

The success of any company largely hinges on how it serves its customers. Technology comes second to that, but does play a major role in providing the service. Technology plays a facilitating role, supporting a company’s employees in delivering the best possible service to customers. This is an important point of departure for financial services provider Finzie. Founded in 2015, Finzie’s mission is to optimise major and minor financial affairs for customers in a surprising, friendly and cost-effective way. Finzie’s services include inexpensive and efficient mortgage advice. By using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring simplicity and consistency, being cost critical and combining expertise with enthusiasm, Finzie is able to deliver competitively priced services. With these criteria in mind, Finzie chose to build an integrated system based on Hyarchis software. Martin Keegstra, one of the initiators of Finzie Nederland, explains how Hyarchis’ Digital Business Platform helps the financial services provider achieve its goals.

Making life easier for people

In the way it is organised, Finzie has broken out of the way many financial advisers operate these days, focused purely on transactions. Finzie has set itself the goal of keeping customers’ preferences and needs in mind at all times and has set up its organisation accordingly. The customer relationship really comes first, according to Martin Keegstra: “To make sure that the financial products our customers purchase are always entirely aligned with their specific situation, we are continuously looking for the best mortgage and insurance products. To be able to do so, we have a crystal-clear allocation of roles and tasks. We have financial coaches who provide mortgage advice, following which our service team take cares of actually taking out the mortgage. Our service team also provides advice on and monitors less complex products, such as non-life insurance. And finally, we have our very own smart system called Julia. Julia really helps us optimise our services. We like simplicity and consistency and are always eager to ditch old habits. Any costs that we can feasibly avoid, we avoid. This way of working keeps our processes simple, our services consistent and allows us to offer fixed fees.”

Technological needs

Finzie’s way of working also calls for technology that is simple, smart and customer-friendly. Keegstra: “We have a number of specific requirements for the technological platform:

  • We want it all to be hosted in the cloud, so as to ensure anytime, anywhere and any-device access;
  • We want existing expert systems and to build as little as possible ourselves;
  • We need a single source of truth, i.e. we want to have everyone use the same data;
  • We want seamlessly aligned work processes that are managed from one single system.

We put together a longlist with all the potential suppliers, one of which was Hyarchis. After several rounds of talks, we decided to use Hyarchis’ Digital Business Platform as the core system. Cloud software provided by our other partners can also be linked to this platform. Today, at the start of the ‘customer journey’, we are already using Hyarchis software. It begins on the website, which lets customers request information, use the mortgage calculator, book appointments and start building a mortgage file right away. The software also facilitates our lead management and is our CRM system, while the Digital Business Platform helps us with our campaign management.”


Whenever a customer submits a mortgage application to Finzie, it is extremely easy for this customer to use the app to keep track of the status of the application and any pending tasks the customer needs to take care of. “Besides coaches and the service team, customers also use Hyarchis. Customers can, for example, access their electronic file (in Hyarchis Document Management) and see what they need to do, such as providing proof of ID or a valuation report. Hyarchis makes sure these documents can be uploaded to the system, for example by taking a photo of a document. Allowing customers to do all these things themselves plays a key role in making the process more efficient. We fully realise that buying a house can be stressful for many people. By giving customers full transparency, they can keep track of the entire mortgage application process, which makes it a lot less stressful. Julia assigns all actors in the process a role to enable effective alignment. Customers always have access to the documents and reports used for the mortgage application. Thanks to the interfaces with all the expert systems, a fast, efficient and customer-friendly process has become standard practice. And it is fully digitalised.

The Finzie app lets customers take out insurance, send messages, check statuses, and submit changes themselves. Both Finzie staff and customers use the Hyarchis Digital Business Platform, so that all data is stored only once, allowing us to adhere to the principle of a ‘single source of truth’.

Continuing innovation

Going forward, Finzie wants to make managing money matters even easier and clearer for consumers. Finzie promises to keep a close eye on consumers’ finances and to permanently guarantee that consumers are Best Off with the products they currently have, i.e. that there are no better deals available on the market today. This is what Finzie calls its ‘Best Off Guarantee’. Every day, the latest mortgage rates and insurance premiums are uploaded to the Hyarchis software. Finzie customers can subsequently see in their app if they can save money on any of their products. Keegstra takes it one step further: “Customers can seize money-saving opportunities right away. And our financial coaches can, in turn, act on the customer’s response immediately. Checking how much a customer would save with a certain minimum additional repayment, for example, could not be easier. Hyarchis software makes all of this possible, which fills us with great pride. In the future, we will be adding more features to make sure our customers are always Best Off.”

Optimising financial affairs for as many people in the Netherlands as possible is what it’s all about for Finzie. Finzie is always ready to respond to market developments and closely monitors product prices. And Finzie uses Hyarchis’ Digital Business Platform to manage people’s money matters with maximum efficiency.