InAdmin is aiming for 100% paperless operations and communications. After all, processes involving paper cause delays and lead to higher costs. Using Hyarchis Document Management, InAdmin is able to digitally process and archive all its incoming and outgoing pension-related correspondence and documents.

The preferred channels for customer communications at InAdmin are digital, which means creating, managing and formatting correspondence digitally. At InAdmin, where staff communicate both with employers and employees, it must be possible to communicate through a wide range of channels. In the past, that would mainly have been through print documents, but these days digital channels like email, company portals and social media are moving ahead.

The documents produced must meet high quality standards, especially given that InAdmin is communicating on behalf of its clients, like ABP, ABN AMRO, ASR, Swiss Re and others. Moreover, staff need to be able to create and edit documents quickly and easily, without worrying about the IT side of things. And that’s why InAdmin uses Hyarchis Document Composition. HDC can be used to produce letters based on a wide range of variables (logos, text blocks, etc.), meaning that this one system can handle the correspondence for all InAdmin clients.