Stater: silent force in the mortgage market


Most people taking out a mortgage loan with a bank or other lending institution are unaware that behind this process, a very important player is at work: the company handling the administration, processing and management of the loan. Stater is exactly this sort of service provider, one that does not take centre stage, but does take on these responsibilities for no less than 35 lending institutions. With a market share of 40%, Stater is the largest mortgage service provider in the Netherlands, with a whopping 1.3 million loans in its systems. For over 15 years, Hyarchis Document Management, closely integrated with Stater’s own applications, has been used for the management of all portfolios of the lenders.

Corina Berkel, Operations Manager and the person responsible for the Document Management team, says: “We couldn’t imagine working without Hyarchis now. Virtually all Stater activities have something to do with documents, from processing them to consulting them. Of course, our own mid-office and back-office applications are just as vital to our business as document management, but a day without these systems would be unthinkable for our 500-plus staff. Since we’ve worked closely with Hyarchis over the years, our systems, processes and people all work like a well-oiled machine. That’s what makes working with Hyarchis such a pleasure.”

Document Management at the hub of the operation

The operation centres around the Document Management team: all incoming documents land here first. Staff scan and index the incoming physical documents so that the other departments can get to work with them immediately. In many cases, the documents are even automatically indexed, meaning they can be placed in the right inbox straight away. Manual indexing is only required when, for example, a loan reference number is not clearly legible, in which case the system makes a suggestion and the employee checks to see if this is right. Hyarchis is clearly more than just a filing system: it also handles the workflows in the operation. Based on the indexing, Hyarchis sorts the work into the various flows, a major operation when you consider there are 25,000 documents being handled each week.

When an employee opens a task in the Stater application—a home improvement account for example—the related documents are immediately opened through Hyarchis. This could be a claim in the form of receipts from a DIY store for example. The employee can check the receipts and approve the claim. Stater applies the four-eyes principle and, with its Document Management system and the workflow capabilities, Hyarchis supports this as well.

External access to Hyarchis

It’s not just Stater staff who have access to Hyarchis either: the lenders also have access to their customers’ cases. Naturally, who has access to which cases and which cases are protected from view has been configured precisely for each lending institution. In the mortgage application process, data also passes between the lenders and Stater through a link with HDN (the Dutch mortgage data network). Hyarchis was closely involved in the development of this interface, which has become the standard on the Dutch market.


Because mortgage portfolios don’t always stay in one place, Stater has also become an expert in the conversion of portfolios from one lender to another. This conversion specialism has been attained through many years of working together in this area with Hyarchis. Hyarchis ensures the safe, complete and smooth conversion of hundreds of thousands of cases from one lender to the other. These are the cases with documents that have already been digitised;

however, Stater also regularly receives requests to manage new portfolios for which the documents are still only in physical form. Because Stater strives to be a fully paperless operation, the active cases are digitised so that they can be immediately saved to the Hyarchis Document Management system.

Partnership for the future

Corina sees room for growth in the partnership between Stater and Hyarchis. She envisions an increasingly closer alignment between Stater’s business and Hyarchis, to get to the heart of digitisation issues and tackle these early on. The aim is to conceive a customer-focused solution that is attractive to both the consumer and the lender.