Wehkamp Lacent


Lacent, sister company of online department store Wehkamp, is a specialist in the development, implementation and management of loans, consumer credit (for goods) and insurance products. To archive and access digital documents (like the digital account statements that can be viewed on Wehkamp’s self-service page), Lacent uses Hyarchis.

Financial service providers are required by law to provide their debtors with regular statements showing their financial status. Through its digital archiving and access solution, Hyarchis helps Lacent process a huge number of statements each month within a relatively short time frame so that consumers have access to up-to-date information on their personal self-service page. And because the digital document archive can also be accessed from the Lacent call centre application, Wehkamp customer service staff have direct access to the up-to-date customer information they need to provide optimum customer support based on all relevant information.