Hyarchis Digital Business Platform

Digital Business Platform

Doing business digitally is crucial these days. Online consumer goods and retail banking companies have always been at the forefront, but now, for more complex financial products and legal advice too, digital business is a prerequisite if a company is to survive in today’s market.

With our digital business platform, organisations can quickly make the transition to digital. We offer a unique concept that includes applications configured specifically for the financial and legal sector, allowing our clients to serve their customers efficiently and securely online.

Simple implementation thanks to preconfigured applications

The fully configured Hyarchis applications include process templates specifically designed for financial or legal consultancy purposes, meaning that, rather than having to attend time-consuming specification workshops, our clients’ business staff can get right to work fine-tuning the user functionality and making any necessary customisation adjustments. Thanks to this, implementation takes only a fraction of the time that would have been needed for a traditional implementation project.

Digital Business in a centralised environment

Hyarchis Digital Business enables all your commercial, administrative and business processes to be migrated to a single, digital environment where all parties can work together. With a solid foundation of underlying ECM products like document management, document composition and web content management, our clients can count on our 30 years of experience with every process relating to documents, interfaces and data exchange.

Is Digital Business right for you?

Hyarchis has years of experience implementing Digital Business applications. On this site, you can read more about what we have accomplished for our clients, like Finzie, for example.

» To learn more about the application of Hyarchis in the financial sector, see our Finzie case here.

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Would you also like to serve your customers for rates that can be reduced by up to 50%? And do you want to be able to process 35% more requests so that you can serve more customers? Talk to us! Our experts are ready to help.

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