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Your customers require you to communicate digitally in as convenient a way as possible. Internet, portal and email usage has really taken off in the business services industry. This acceleration and expansion has, however, made you and your customers realise that digital communications are not always secure. Recent legislation such as the GDPR aims to limit the uncontrolled proliferation and storage of data.


Security and quality under threat

You wish to guarantee your customers that confidential information about themselves, their company or their legal dispute can be shared with you and will be handled confidentially. The quality of your services is paramount for you and you have your customer’s best interests at heart.

Risks of a decentralised email inbox

You also want your employees to be able to communicate efficiently and in a user-friendly way about a case or portfolio. Using decentralised communications about cases from personal mailboxes harbours several risks. Firstly, there is no structure to ensure communications are followed up in a timely manner. Secondly, it is almost impossible for a colleague to take over the work in the case of leave or absence. Thirdly, you have no control over the information. You have no idea which information can be found in which mailbox and how this information is distributed further. As a result, you are also not able to destroy data on time when retention periods expire or your customer requests this. You want to provide a high-quality and efficient service in this respect as well.

Frequent portal log-ins

Many organisations have adopted a portal solution to address this issue: the customer can log in online to access a ‘my’ environment. We know, however, from experience that customers do not want to log in for every single interaction. Receiving a notification email on their smartphone requesting them to read a message on a non-responsive web portal does not provide the customer experience you want to offer them. How do you achieve secure customer communications while ensuring they are highly accessible?


The answer is: Hyarchis Document Dialogue

Hyarchis Document Dialogue is a new service that can be used in combination with Hyarchis Document Management to offer your employees and customers a secure environment for exchanging documents and messages. As all the correspondence and associated documents are stored in the document management system upon receipt, they are immediately subject to all applicable authorisation and retention rules for removal at a later date. All communications are linked to cases so that it is possible to manage communication flows with customers in a clear and structured way.

Hyarchis Document Dialogue enables you to communicate with your customer in an extremely fast and highly personal manner. Your employee invites the customer to a chat with a once-only email. Once the app has been installed, everything is discussed and exchanged in a controlled environment. Right from the start, customers will feel they are being looked after in a personal, familiar and secure way. This presents a great opportunity to strengthen relationships, with satisfied and loyal customers as a result.


Hyarchis Document Dialogue

Benefits for your employee

  • Case handler or case manager is in control and has clear overview
  • Clear screen layout showing all current cases and chats
  • Easy to use, looks similar to WhatsApp
  • Employee starts a chat from a case
  • Centralised storage of conversations and documents
  • Authorised colleagues have access to correspondence and documents
  • No software installation on PC or server required

Benefits for your customer

  • Customer has personal, direct contact via smartphone
  • Customer is invited for a chat and to install app via Play Store
  • Easy to use, looks similar to WhatsApp
  • Summary of all messages from the customer to the case handler in logical order
  • Customer can send documents to the case handler as an attachment in the chat
  • Authorised colleagues have access to correspondence and documents
  • Once the request, claim, offer or legal question has been handled, the chat is closed

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