Document classification

Document Classification

Document classification is a key aspect of Enterprise Content Management. This process ensures that your documents are stored in a logical, well-organised way that makes it easy to retrieve the information quickly and efficiently. For instance, documents can be assigned to a particular case, client or project. A further advantage is that documents can easily be viewed in a particular context, and that archive management within the document structure is significantly simplified.

Classifying documents from external sources

Classifying documents from external sources is another matter altogether. This often involves a lot more manual work. For one thing, you will likely have to deal with a wide variety of documents, in terms of layout and terminology, for example. Another reason is that the layout and content of incoming documents can change, when companies merge, for instance, or because a new organisation has been made responsible for handling an existing arrangement. The resulting manual operations make classifying documents from external sources a time-consuming, expensive and error-prone process. Hyarchis DMS changes all this by automating the classification of documents from external sources.

Automatic document classification with Hyarchis DMS

When it comes to automatic classification of documents, Hyarchis is already quite the expert, having started testing in 2005. Because the existing systems in this area had certain shortcomings, such as supporting only a limited number of different types of document, Hyarchis decided to launch its own proof of concept. Instead of building on the existing technology, Hyarchis decided to develop its own technologies and logic. This resulted in the development of smart rules that can be applied when classifying documents, and which can also be used to compare data from analysed documents to existing data in order to verify both the data and the associated classification.

Application of automatic document classification

Automatic document classification makes it possible to analyse and classify very large collections of documents in a cost-effective way. Just to give you an idea: during a particular automatic document classification project carried out using Hyarchis DMS, we analysed 3 million documents (good for 13 million pages) and verified the results on the basis of data from external customer systems. If this had to be done manually, the costs would have been prohibitive. What’s more, automatic document classification using Hyarchis DMS is also highly suitable for retrieving lost data within a dataset, or verifying the existing classification within a document structure.

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