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Artificial Intelligence has developed rapidly, especially in recent years. Not so long ago it was still an experimental technology with limited use in the financial services industry. In recent years, however, Artificial Intelligence has evolved from a technology to watch to a technology to embrace. As a result of this rapid development, Artificial Intelligence has experienced a boom and is now present in daily working life.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence report.

In this research report, we take a closer look at how Artificial Intelligence is used within the financial services industry. Together with market leaders, we look at the most important AI applications and the factors that determine effective use of the technology. What is particularly interesting here is the rapid maturation of the technology. While Artificial Intelligence was mainly used in an experimental context up until recently, the technology is now poised to change the competitive dynamics within financial services forever. The report explores in depth the cause of this phenomenon and how organizations can use AI to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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