For the past 30 years, Hyarchis has been developing a range of data management solutions for its customers. During its long history, Hyarchis has reinvented itself as a company multiple times and at the dawn of the new decade, Hyarchis will rebrand itself once more. In light of this occasion, we look into both the past and the future of Hyarchis together with the founder and CEO André van der Doelen.

Hyarchis has been around for more than 30 years now. You must have had your fair share of experience seeing things come and go.

“With Hyarchis, we look back on a turbulent history which runs parallel to what is nowadays referred to as the “digital transformation”. In the 80s, we started out by delivering the first-generation of mainframe computers. During the 90s, Hyarchis helped organizations to digitize their physical archives. Thereafter, now twenty years ago, we developed our first custom-made Document Management System (DMS) for the financial services industry. In 2020, this DMS is still the cornerstone of our company”, says André van der Doelen.

What about the present day, yet another challenge in the digital revolution for Hyarchis?

“Our services have changed substantially over the years, but the core of our solutions has always remained the same. All of our customers process large quantities of documents on a daily basis. Through every stage of the digital transformation, we have helped them manage those large amounts of documents. For the past two years, we have seen a shift from managing documents to understanding and structuring the data contained within these documents. On one hand, this demand is stimulated by the enforcement of the GDPR while on the other hand, our clients have come to realize the value of their costumer data that has been locked in their archives for years on end”.

How does Hyarchis transform this content into usable data?

“For the past two years, together with our customers, we have invested in the development of solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI). This year marks a milestone as we will deliver our first large-scale projects in the field of AI. You could say that this year we turn a new page in the long history of Hyarchis. With our new products, such as Blurrify and Search-It, we can offer our customers a way broader range of solutions in the field of data management and help them manage their challenges for the decades to come”.

So, once a Dutch company, always a Dutch company?

“Ha ha, no. During the past two years we have been busy, not only with expansion of our product suite, but also the internationalization of Hyarchis. At first this started with our expansion into Lithuania, where we now employ more than twenty software engineers and data scientists. This initial step toward an international organization also turned out to be the springboard to supporting customers in both Lithuania as well as the United Kingdom. Most people know us as a truly Dutch company, but in reality, we serve customers in five different countries. With this solid foundation, we want to expand internationally during the coming few years. This will naturally require an adjustment in the way that we present Hyarchis to the world”.

Hyarchis gets a new look and feel. What other changes can we expect?

“First of all, I’d like to emphasize that nothing really changes for our customers when it comes to the daily use of our solutions. We will continue developing our Document Management solution as that is what our customers are used to and will proceed our migration to a cloud-based system. However, every era calls for different solutions. In our case, this means that we have widened our range of services solely from document management to a broader range of data management solutions. From a technological point of view, this is a huge transformation and therefore requires an entirely fresh look and feel. As a result, our customers will see the familiar look of Hyarchis change. We have rebranded ourselves as a company, presented a new logo and launched a brand-new website as well. So, stay tuned!”.

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