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Hyarchis Case Management

How efficiently do your employees collaborate when handling a complaint or mortgage request, or when processing an invoice? And how do you keep control of these processes when circumstances change, like when a new requirement for a permit request applies, or when one particular invoice suddenly needs to be handled differently. These are the types of question that come under case management. Hyarchis’ case management software will ensure that all your cases are handled transparently, completely and successfully. Our solutions are used by leading service providers in the area of financial consultancy, legal services and healthcare, among other sectors, but they are also perfectly suited for use in the offices of accountants, pension fund trustees, law firms, etc.

How does our case management solution work?

On the Hyarchis Digital Business Platform, employees are guided through the process so that their work is carried out in a correct and structured way, and they can move along smoothly without encountering any obstacles in their work routine. Our system provides flexible support for work processes, focusing on the end result rather than the process itself. Thanks to this approach, the quality and lead time for cases can be monitored and employees can work more efficiently. This has a proven positive effect on your services.

Focusing on cases with Hyarchis Case Management

Case management using the Hyarchis Digital Business Platform is fully aligned with the latest case-driven approaches. The system gives authorised employees direct access to the latest information on a case, regardless of time and place. It also puts at their disposal powerful tools that enable them to successfully carry out their tasks, like arranging the intake of a new client, handling a claim or converting a quote into a sales order.

Our case management software increases transparency and efficiency, allowing for smoother and more satisfying collaboration between your employees. What’s more, with Hyarchis case management you can, if you wish, give your clients direct insight into how their case is progressing. These are all benefits that have a direct bearing on how clients feel about the service you provide.

All the benefits of case management at a glance:

  • Improved insight and control: registration of all actions and of document versions creates transparency, supports compliance and offers you insight into how your process or your documents can be improved.
  • Higher level of professionalism among your knowledge workers: employees gain further insight into processes and output, and can tailor their customer approach based on knowledge from the case management system.
  • Organisation-wide support: Hyarchis case management can be configured for use in a range of areas. Not only your primary business process but also departments like HR or procurement, for example, can all be connected.

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