Hyarchis Document Management

We are your partner for user-friendly management of digital documents and dossiers. The Hyarchis document management software enables your employees to access the documents they need anytime and anywhere: on the road, from home or wherever.

From spreadsheets to audio and video files, all your documentation is automatically stored in an easy-to-manage archive. Your documents can only be accessed by authorised employees and all actions are logged. You can see which documents are modified by which user and when, so you’ll never edit the wrong version again.

Our Document Management system allows you to benefit from:

  • Shorter process lead times
  • Document access regardless of time or place
  • Collaboration on documents
  • Auditing, compliance and transparency
  • High-quality, uniform dossiers
  • Immediate access to all client information
  • Collaboration and integration throughout the chain

Hyarchis Document Management is the definitive document management system, integrated into various Microsoft Office programs.

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