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Document management systeem | Hyarchis DMS

We are your trusted partner for user-friendly, efficient management of your digital documents and cases in your business processes using our document management system (DMS).

All your documentation, including material like spreadsheets, audio and video files and more, is automatically secured in an easy-to-manage archive. These documents can only be accessed by authorised employees, and all actions are logged, meaning you can rest assured that the document being edited is the latest version (no more accidentally working on an older version), and you know who worked on it previously.

Document Management System: always available

No matter where you are, you’ll always have your documents with you. Whether you’re at the office, on the road or visiting a customer, you can always access the documents through a desktop application, using your browser, and even on your iPad with our special app. It’s the perfect solution for use while on the move.

A clear view with Hyarchis DMS

In modern business processes with a high level of automation, finding documents fast is just one of the necessities. Missing information or documents can slow down your business processes enormously, so Hyarchis DMS goes further than just helping to find stored documents: it actually alerts you when documents are missing.

Document Management System integration

We consider integration with other applications one of the key functionalities of our document management system, so we offer a wide range of modern solutions to connect our DMS with your other software and systems. It goes without saying that DMS integrates seamlessly with Hyarchis Document Composition and Hyarchis Waxtrapp. Using the REST API (JSON), for example, cases can easily be accessed through a web portal. With SSO (single sign-on) and a link to a Hyarchis Authentication Service, you can create seamless integration that meets high security requirements.

DMS in combination with Microsoft Office

Hyarchis DMS works seamlessly with your Microsoft Office (365) products. You can save documents to a case directly from Word and Excel, and automatically import emails from Exchange Server to Hyarchis DMS.

Records Management (ERM)

The extensive authorisation options allow you to set exactly which users can access which documents and cases. Authorisations can be configured fully dynamically so that the documents will only be accessible to the right people and at the right time. The full check-out/check-in and revision history of documents and cases is logged, providing a permanent record (audit trail). You can also set the file destruction dates so that your documents are retained and automatically deleted and destroyed in compliance with legal requirements.

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