For many accounting firms, Hyarchis (integrated into Unit4 DocumentManager) is their central archive system. Hyarchis has been supplying this powerful document solution to Unit4 Bedrijfssoftware for ten years now. Over this period, both parties have acquired a lot of knowledge and experience in the accounting industry, which is set to culminate in the launch of a cloud-based version of DocumentManager in 2020.

A cloud-hosted DocumentManager application is something that accounting firms have requested in order to lighten their IT load. There are also other news for 2020; the number of integrations with other applications will be extended further, enabling a range of best-of-breed combinations in accounting firms’ application landscapes.

DocumentManager users will also be able to become acquainted with additional AI-based tooling. The artificial intelligence tool Blurrify, which will be introduced, is a tool that assesses whether a document contains personal data and subsequently automatically blurs such data, thus delivering fully automated GDPR compliance. This makes life a lot easier for accounting firms, saving them time and costs by eliminating manual document processing.

Herman de Jonge (CEO, Unit4): “With Unit4 DocumentManager, we provide a secure environment where all digital documents and correspondence from customers and the company come together. Unit4 Bedrijfssoftware makes case management, document management (DMS), document composition, customer communications and secure sending of GDPR-proof documents easier than ever before. And with the new cloud-based solution and the addition of AI tooling, our customers will be ready to face the future.”

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