Intrasurance innovates and opts for full integration of Hyarchis Document Management and Hyarchis Document Composition


Insurance companies; we’re glad they’re there when something bad happens. Most of the time, however, an insurance policy is not top of mind for consumers or businesses. And yet we all find it important that, when we do need to turn to our insurer, the claim is handled quickly and effectively. In short, it’s vital for an insurance company to continue to develop in order to satisfy customer needs. Intrasurance Group understands this and provides a policy and claims administration system that enables consumers to view and manage their insurance policies online, 24/7. Intrasurance Group consists of two segments: it offers a platform where consumers can take out an insurance policy directly (Intrasurance –, and it offers insurance companies and brokers its IT solutions (Intrasurance Technology Services – ITS).

ITS develops innovative IT solutions in the area of online insurance. To serve insurance companies and brokers and help increase their competitive strength in the private non-life insurance market, ITS offers a PaaS policy and claims administration system for non-life insurance.

Intrasurance has purchased Hyarchis Document Management and Document Composition in order to further develop its own platform. In addition, ITS and Hyarchis have entered into a partnership to further develop the PaaS policy and claims administration system, with the aim of giving insurers and brokers the best possible support. So there are two sides to this partnership. Jan van der Struik, Managing Director at Intrasurance, tells us about his experience.

The challenges at Intrasurance & ITS

Jan van der Struik came to work for Intrasurance with a clear mission: enable the growth of the insurance and technology services company. To achieve this, a roadmap was created and it was concluded that if the company wanted to grow, it would have to go modular in its approach. The insurance and technology services company decided that, rather than building the “document exchange” module itself, it preferred to collaborate with a strong external partner. “We needed a document management system and we needed it fast, not just for our own insurance platform ‘’, but also to innovate our PaaS system at ITS,” explains Van der Struik. “I invited eight parties to bid and, of these, Hyarchis proved to offer the best value for money. What’s more, Hyarchis was able to get to work right away, which was important given that we wanted to go live within seven months.”

For many of its modules, Intrasurance Group builds the IT solutions in house, but this is not possible for all modules. “We built a monolithic system ourselves. But because we are not specialists in, for example document management, we decided to partner with a company that is. To be prepared for the future and the platform economy, it was important for us to build a more modular system at ITS, with an API layer to allow partner applications to connect and communicate. In our view, the first order of business was a smoothly running document management system.” Van der Struik explains that, though the DMS is not a game changer at Intrasurance Group, the system is important enough that they wanted to connect Hyarchis Document Management (HDM) to the platform first. “Our documents were spread far and wide; this didn’t cause any problems for the end customer, but it was a nuisance for us. A DMS that keeps all the documents together in one place was a must for us, especially considering the GDPR.”

Hyarchis & Intrasurance (

Making it possible for the end user to see all correspondence and the entire policy history was Intrasurance’s long-cherished wish. Connecting Hyarchis to the insurer’s platform is a big relief, explains Van der Struik. “We store all documents and correspondence in our system, from email to policies. Beyond the fact that, thanks to Hyarchis, these documents are now stored in a well-organised manner, we can now also configure retention periods and authorisations automatically. HDM also helps me to comply with the new legislation.”

In addition to opting for HDM, Intrasurance is also busy implementing Hyarchis Document Composition (HDC). “A personal approach is what can really make the difference for a company. We are making sure that we will also be able to work with HDC soon so that we can approach the right customer at the right time with the right message. This way, for example, templates can be created so that the business has faster and more independent contact with the end customer.”

Hyarchis & ITS

Intrasurance is not just using the Hyarchis software for its own platform: the insurer has also entered into a partnership with Hyarchis to support other insurers and brokers with ITS’ IT solution. As with any new relationship, the first thing is to get to know each other, to find out what the other party is all about. “In the early stages of the partnership, it was important to make sure that everything was crystal clear. However, because of the time constraints, there wasn’t always enough time to agree all the details in advance. I only knew that we had to go live in seven months’ time. The pressure was high and, due to the complexity of our IT solution, it was difficult for the Hyarchis consultants to fully understand all the ins and outs.” To facilitate smoother coordination, it was decided to have the Hyarchis consultants work directly on location at ITS. “The consultants being on-site gave our collaborative efforts a real boost. Once at ITS, they could liaise directly with the responsible persons and this helped advance the implementation of HDM. After months of hard work, we have now reached the point where we will soon go live and other insurers can get to know all the advantages of Hyarchis’ DMS.”

The future

The ultimate goal of Intrasurance ( is to be, at all times, relevant in the life of an individual. “We want to do this by building an ecosystem into the platform, one that extends further than to insurance claims alone. We want to add services, like actively warning insured parties that severe weather is on its way that could cause damage. With such services, we can be relevant to our customers.” To achieve this goal, this branch of Intrasurance Group needs partners like Hyarchis. “People need to be able to access their insurance documents, wherever and whenever they like. We also feel it’s important to be relevant to our customer at the crucial moments. Certain triggers in the system could ensure that certain messages are sent out to the customer, like in the event of impending severe weather conditions, explains Van der Struik. “Our services must be focused on maintaining high customer satisfaction, even when customers are far away. Ultimately, at the moment of truth, when an insured party has suffered loss or damage, that’s when we really have to come through and give our customer the ultimate customer experience.”

The partnership is also very important to ITS: “Our platform has been developed from the customer’s perspective and based on their experience. Since this perspective and experience changes constantly, we also need to keep innovating so that we can offer insurers attractive propositions. We are very happy that we have entered into this partnership with Hyarchis and that we are now live. This gives us the best business solutions with the right balance between risk and assurance.”