A continuous commitment to complying to personal data protection requirements has led to Hyarchis being awarded the ISO/IEC 27018:2019 certification in October this year. The certificate was issued following a company audit, confirming that Hyarchis’ information security management system complies with the data protection regulations set forth in the ISO/IEC 27018:2019 standard.

Receiving this certificate is a landmark event for Hyarchis and comes at a time that, partly because of COVID-19, is seeing a global surge in cloud migrations. It therefore comes as no surprise that expectations for information security are increasing commensurately. Receiving this certification demonstrates Hyarchis’ commitment and ability to meet these expectations and exemplifies our focus on continuously adapting to increasingly stringent data security requirements.

About the certification, Hyarchis COO Adriaan Hoogduijn said, “Being awarded the ISO/IEC 27018:2019 certification is something we’re very proud of at Hyarchis. As COVID-19 pushes more and more business to the cloud, we are glad to provide our customers the certainty that we comply with measures designed to ensure absolute data safety. Given the sensitive nature of the data we manage, we hope that our customers feel even more confident with us now. Being awarded this certification is an indicator that Hyarchis is on the right path and will keep us driven to continue to comply with the latest data management regulations.”

In October last year, Hyarchis was awarded the ISO 27001 certification for our information security management system. The ISO 27001 standard comprises a framework of procedures that ensures sufficient management of information security risks. Being awarded both certificates puts Hyarchis at the cutting edge of data protection compliance as the ISO/IEC 27018:2019 includes additional data protection provisions. As customer data is highly sensitive and confidential, operating at this cutting edge allows Hyarchis to deliver on guarantees of total data safety and security. This is especially important as an increasing number of our customers move their business to the cloud. Many of these customers are involved in financial sectors, further demonstrating their need for data security. For these customers, this data safety guarantee means peace of mind and one less concern.

Hyarchis will be placing increased focus on migrating customers to the cloud in the near future. The ISO/IEC 27018:2019 certification is a testament to our ability to do so safely, securely and with the protection of customer data at the fore. Customers that have migrated can now access Hyarchis products faster and more easily than ever before while reducing reliance on less secure on-premises software. Especially in the context of COVID-19 does this shift in customer demands speak volumes. As work moves online and offices become less central to working life, we have a strong impetus to optimize our HDM Cloud solutions for increased cloud use and safety as more customers move to the cloud.

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