Mortgage market in the lead in online collaboration for third year running

Banking and insurance sectors catching up 

Eindhoven, 20 September 2016 – As in previous years, the mortgage industry is head and shoulders above the other sectors when it comes to online collaboration with customers. More than half (55%) say that they collaborate with the customer online “regularly” to “often”; that figure was 46% last year. These were some of the findings from a survey arranged by Hyarchis, specialist in content and online collaboration solutions, among more than 1100 consumers and over 500 professionals from the banking, insurance, pension and mortgage sectors. The findings have been collected in the report “Missie online samenwerken” [Mission: Online Collaboration].

Insurance sector closing the gap

It also notable, however, that the insurance and banking sectors are both making major inroads. The insurers went from 36% collaborating online “often” last year to 50% this year; for professionals from the banking world the figures are 33% for 2015 and 46% this year. Another salient detail is that professionals in a management position are more likely to collaborate with their customers online (64% say “regularly” to “often”) than those in non-management positions (42%). Self-employed professionals topped the list of those who collaborate with customers online at least sometimes (72%).

Serge Leclercq, Sales Director at Hyarchis: “It is nice to see that all sectors are feeling the pressure to collaborate more and more online. After all, whether it’s changes in the law, the fintechs, innovation or the desire for rapid growth, whatever the reason, online collaboration with customers has become a prerequisite if you want to continue operating on the financial market. From accountancy to the pension market, online collaboration is here right now in all sectors and it is no longer just some point on the horizon. It has to be a concrete objective, and preferably one that is tackled with the utmost urgency. Otherwise, you’ll be putting your competitive position at risk.”

If you would like to learn more about the survey findings, you can download the report “Missie online samenwerken” [Mission: Online Collaboration] here: