Professionals in the financial sector prioritise time-savings over customer convenience

Professionals in the financial sector place the customer experience lower on the benefits ladder than time-savings and the ability to work independent of time and place. These figures emerged from a survey among 500 professionals from the banking, insurance, pension and mortgage sectors. Time-savings were seen as the key benefit by 43% of the respondents. In second place, at 15%, was the ability to work independent of time and place. Trailing slightly behind in third place was the fact that customers like to collaborate online (14%). Commissioned by Hyarchis, provider of Enterprise Content Management and online solutions, the survey was carried out by Markteffect.

These findings are remarkable given that online collaboration with customers can contribute towards delivering the “perfect customer experience”. This is important because customer trust in financial institutions has taken a major blow in recent years. One way to help restore this trust is to work towards providing this perfect customer experience. A customer’s loyalty is partly determined by the interaction with the company through the various channels.

Serge Leclercq, Sales Director at Hyarchis: “Focusing on the customer is more important now than ever before, for companies in general, but for the financial sector in particular. Customers want more transparency and want to be able to work together effectively with their mortgage lender for example. In short, they want to feel that they are part of the process and can also influence it. Only those businesses that adapt best to this rapidly changing world can be assured of surviving and succeeding; the others risk losing their customers completely.”

The research report “Online samenwerken in de financiële branche: survival of the fittest” [Online collaboration in the financial sector: survival of the fittest] can be downloaded here.