Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance (SA RE&F) choose Hyarchis Document Management

Syntrus Achmea has been using Hyarchis Document Composition for some time already, and it has now added Hyarchis Document Management.

With the implementation of a company-wide DMS and the replacement of the current custom archiving system, SA RE&F is aiming to have a system in place that is less complex and costly to maintain. It also wants a system that is easier to integrate with standard mortgage and other systems, and that allows for faster implementation of functional and technical changes needed due to changing market conditions, for example.

The various departments at SA RE&F each use their own system to process physical or and/or digital documents.

Hyarchis DM has already been implemented in the Commercial Mortgages domain. Over the course of this year, the system will be rolled out to the rest of the domains at SA RE&F, including Residential Mortgages, International Real Estate, Mid-office Direct Real Estate, and Development and Acquisition.

It’s a great project for Hyarchis, and we are incredibly proud that we have been asked to implement Hyarchis Document Management at this wonderful organisation.

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