The people behind Hyarchis: Rob Soulier

Who are you and what job do you hold?

My name is Rob Soulier, I just turned 60 and since 1981 I’ve been working in “IT”, as it was called back then. At Hyarchis, I mainly do testing, customer support and some of our own system administration.

What does your job entail?

My work consists of testing and retesting new and updated functionality in the Hyarchis Digital Business suite, and carrying out regular regression tests of the entire suite. And, together with my colleague Erik, I support users who report problems or ask questions over the support portal. I also do system administration and functional management on the large Linux servers on which our CMS solutions and the front-end servers of our Digital Business suite run. And when documentation needs to be updated, I do this too.

Who are your key customers?

I feel that all “my” customers are important, but there are a few who I deal with on a weekly basis and others who I hear from maybe once a year. Most of my support time is spent dealing with our CMS customers for whom I am the first line of support.

What do you like best about your job?

The variety and working alongside different colleagues, given that I work both in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. I like experiencing the new product developments that continuously arise and then testing them thoroughly, and I also find the interaction in the project groups that deal with new developments interesting. I also like helping customers with questions or problems.

Where do you live?

I live in Weert, the gateway to Limburg. I was born and bred there.

What are your hobbies; what do you like to do in your free time?

I have too many interests and activities to list them all, so I will just mention a few. I am a member of the Royal Netherlands Association for Meteorology and Astronomy, a “buksmeester” (literally weapon master) and committee member for a Limburg-based society for civilian militia re-enactment, board member and competition secretary for a regional association of similar militias, and member and chair of the Central and North Limburg branch of the VERON amateur radio organisation. So I spend my free time on the activities you can expect members of these sorts of associations to be involved in. It makes a difference that our children have left the nest, otherwise I would not be able to do all of this.