Output management

Output management

Many years ago, when IT departments talked about the output of applications, they meant the documents created, often print orders sent to a printer or printing house. In the software, the documents were fully programmed, for instance in an insurance application, where a document would be produced based on the policyholder’s details.

Batches would then be collected so that the same document could be produced for as many people as possible in one go. This meant that it sometimes took a while before a particular letter could be printed. On-demand printing of single documents had not yet been introduced, nor did this software support knowledge workers in the production of ad hoc correspondence at their workstations, meaning they did not have access to the same templates, house style or text blocks used for the output.

The importance of optimum output management

It’s pretty evident that the situation as described above is not at all suited to today’s world where the customer expects an answer right away and wants to receive information on demand, no matter the time or place. Effective and efficient communication is essential to guarantee a consistently high level of service. And you can do just that thanks to Hyarchis’ output management solutions, which can help you keep your business in line with your customer’s demands and expectations.

We also ensure that your document flows (both the distribution and the storage of your documents) are automated wherever possible, leaving the choice of channels for this completely open to you and your customer. After all, the days when output meant print documents alone are long gone: alongside print documents, there are the options of sending messages by email, through an app or by publication on a web portal (which in turn can include notifying the customer through another channel).

Use of existing customer data

With the help of web services, Hyarchis Document Composition (HDC) uses customer data from your existing systems. This could be information recorded in your CRM system, for example, or in your policy, pension or mortgage administration system. The editing and management of the required rules, template structures and all text blocks and style elements is all done in the HDC system. The system is so easy to use that, after a short course of training, your staff will have complete control over all aspects of customer communications, meaning no more calling in external consultants or needing a dedicated in-house IT specialist to handle the system.

From output management to communications management

Because the Hyarchis system gives you full control over your communications and lets you determine their time-to-market, you can give your customers the best possible service. And because document composition is largely automated, the risk of errors is lower, which in turn means a lower risk of damage to your company’s image and/or damage claims.

What’s more, because costs are reduced while the effectiveness of your communications only increases, you will notice a better return. The technology behind it all fades into the background while the message you want to send out gets the attention it deserves. Communicating with customers, business partners, citizens or other stakeholders—in a correct, personalised way and in line with your house style and regulations—has never been easier!

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Communicate faster than in the past
  • Shorter time-to-market for new services, products and labels
  • Personalised communications under all circumstances
  • Reduces percentage of errors and lowers call centre costs
  • Considerable cost and time savings
  • Better return thanks to lower costs
  • No longer dependant on IT staff, flexibility of the line or business

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