Hyarchis Waxtrapp

Hyarchis Waxtrapp is our renowned web content management system. With this system, you too can have attractive, user-friendly websites that present your company or organisation exactly as you like. And it won’t just look good: your website will enable your customers to arrange all sorts of matters online. With Hyarchis Waxtrapp, you can efficiently manage hundreds of websites and thousands of pages of content in one single system, all with the same look and feel, or each with its own distinctive style (or a mixture of both).


Online collaboration

Hyarchis’ customers use Hyarchis Waxtrapp CMS for a wide variety of purposes: from creating websites for advertising or presenting public information to websites that provide online access to all the services and business processes. The Hyarchis Waxtrapp platform allows your employees and customers to collaborate online, eliminating the barrier between the internal organisation and the outside world. Since your customers become more actively involved in your business processes, your company can work faster and more efficiently. The savings you gain make this a compelling business case—an investment that will pay for itself within one year. Government agencies, accountancy and legal firms, insurers and many well-known consumer brands have already put their trust in us.


The benefits of Hyarchis Waxtrapp:

  • Any device: all design, content and functionality is available to customers and employees on smartphone, tablet and laptop. Adaptive design, mobile first.
  • Multi-tenant: manage an unlimited number of websites and business processes in one environment, and scale up in the cloud.
  • Autonomy: manage and configure the entire environment yourself, add new sites and environments, all with just your browser.
  • Fully integrable: process relevant data from your organisation seamlessly in your site, as well as on social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

And it goes without saying, our CMS is fully integrated with Hyarchis Document Management, Case Management, Email Management and Document Composition, meaning you can move your organisation’s Enterprise Content Management challenges online.



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