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Van der Voet | Hyarchis Comply testimonial

published 2022-03-12

I am Gijs van der Voet. I am the director of Van der Voet Finance. We have 3 office locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and here in the Green Heart in Haastrecht. We do that with 17 people, and we deal with 600 SMEs. We are not really specialized in one specific industry, but we actually do business administration in all facets, so we do it from A to Z: business administration, tax returns, and business consulting.

Whereas we used to collect actual paper documents, it’s now very important to us to store all the documents securely in a digital format and be able to access everything in the cloud easily. With Hyarchis Comply, that’s running extremely well. We were searching for a system that integrates with our CRM solution and Hyarchis Comply does that seamlessly. It integrates not only with the CRM, but also, with our tax solution. So also, the surcharge from the fiscal solution goes directly to Hyarchis Comply.

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