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In short, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means that personal data has to be treated with utmost care. Personal data may only be stored if strictly necessary for running your business. Data must be anonymised as much as possible to protect your customers’ privacy. In addition, you must keep track of what data you store and where this data is kept.

Hyarchis, based on artificial intelligence, has developed practical tools to create access to information in your archive and to help you flexibly manage your archive.


Regulatory compliance in your operations

Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence will make sure you are fully GDPR compliant and enable you to flexibly adapt to future legislation and regulations. One press of a button is all it takes to find out where certain personal data is located, allowing you to verify whether the data has been filed correctly and is still needed to run your business. You can have data automatically removed from the archive and stored in a secure location, if necessary.

Verifying the accuracy of documents in personal cases could not be easier and you will also prevent data leaks in the process.


» Hyarchis Blurrify

GDPR-proof your archive quickly and reliably with data blurring

Hyarchis Blurrify takes care of blurring personal data. Data is blurred to such an extent that it is no longer readable, thus ensuring you comply with the data minimisation principle. After reading your complete archive, Hyarchis Blurrify blurs any personal data you no longer need to keep your business running. This includes information such as someone’s personal identification number, date of birth, address details, bank details, income data, or other privacy-sensitive information.


» Hyarchis Check-it

The right documents in the right cases thanks to automatic analysis

Hyarchis Check-it makes all documents in your archive text-searchable. Based on the contents of a document, the system determines whether or not it is a prohibited document, while also mutually verifying all relevant data points. This way, you can tell whether all documents in a case actually relate to the person under whose name the case has been filed. Documents that shouldn’t be in the case are flagged for manual verification.


The benefits of Blurrify & Check-it

  • Cost savings
    No more manual case checking. Significant savings on staff costs.
  • Scale
    Suited for rapid execution of immense projects.
  • Maximum accuracy
    Reduced margins for error and correct handling.
  • Flexibility
    Flexibly adapt to changing legislation and regulations or internal policies.

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