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One-click access to your entire digital archive. Remarkably better results, thanks to our OCR solution based on artificial intelligence. Don't make it hard on yourself because from now on; all your customer data is accessible—even the handwritten documents.

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OCR software

OCR software

eDiscovery adds an invisible text layer to your documents so data can be read automatically while keeping the original archive item intact. At 98% accuracy, the solution gives you full control of and access to customer data which was impossible until now. Regaining control of customer data in compliance with the GDPR is worth it, especially when it's automated.
Search-It robot met documenten

Any file type will do

Using AI-powered OCR, or optical character recognition, eDiscovery can add any text-based document to your now fully text-searchable archive. Handwritten, typewritten, scanned, or photographed - if there's text, eDiscovery has it covered. Your part of the deal? Enjoy the freedom of being able to find anything at any time in your archive.

The search is over

eDiscovery is a full-service, fully integrable tool that lets you search your entire archive. Redefine your DMS.

The problem
The problem
Financial services providers must know their customers. With a digital archive containing a variety of data of varying quality, it can be hard to form a holistic image of a customer.
Our solution
Our solution
Hyarchis offers a state-of-the-art OCR engine that seamlessly converts images to text, makes any format of document text-searchable, and allows you to "Google search" your digital archive.
Hyarchis enables full accessibility of your digital archive's contents, enhancing your customer service, business intelligence, and regulatory compliance efforts.

Those who use eDiscovery

Quion gebouw

Hyarchis e-Discovery not only made Quion’s archive of 55 million documents searchable at a textual level but also does the same for the 150.000 new documents that arrive on a monthly basis. This allows for better and more targeted service to be provided to customers. Additionally, a fully searchable archive is a stepping stone that puts Quion on a roadmap that will see, among other things, fully automated quality control.

eDiscovery testimonial

Amresh Raghoeneth, Manager Operations bij Quion

Amresh Raghoenath

Manager Operations, Quion

Hyarchis eDiscovery has helped us to create a fully text-searchable archive that serves as a launchpad to automate a wide range of business processes. Having unlimited access to the full contents of our digital archive allows us to search through all relevant customer data, classify documents upon reception and assign incoming communication to the correct workflow. Likewise, eDiscovery will allow us to take our quality assurance efforts from spot-checking 20% of our archive to spot checking 100% of it

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