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Offer your customers an entirely digitized onboarding experience while ensuring peace of mind with a fully automated regulatory compliance solution. Use innovative technology based on Artificial Intelligence so that your customers can quickly start their customer journey. We would be happy to tell you about Document processing, Identity verification, Risk Profile Assessment, and KYC Workflow.


Ensure your regulatory compliance throughout the lifecycle of your customers with a fully automated solution powered by artificial intelligence. By continuously monitoring, you effortlessly pass strict controls and contribute to a healthy financial ecosystem. In addition, our products, Risk Screening, and Customer Due Diligence make your life easier.


Regulatory requirements are constantly changing, and we help you stay one step ahead. Our solutions seamlessly dig through decades of documentation spread over millions of customer files to ensure your historical customer data complies with KYC, AML, and GDPR requirements.
Data Management

Data Management

A comprehensive, digital document management system designed for efficient onboarding, remediation, and customer file lifecycle management.

The tool balances efficient, compliant, secure data management and a seamless user experience. In addition, it helps optimize the governance of KYC and AML-related processes by leveraging advanced workflows and granular access rights for all roles.

Key benefits

End-to-end KYC Management

End-to-end KYC Management from onboarding and remediation to continuous monitoring in a single platform.

Centralized compliance control

Automate tedious manual compliance tasks through a single platform while using our holistic audit trial to stay in control of regulatory compliance throughout your organization.

Automated risk assessment

Make on-demand or automated risk assessments at any stage of your customer lifecycle.

Hyarchis specializes in

Mortgage services

Mortgage services







Hyarchis customers


Rik Douwes Managing Director at BCMGlobal

Rik Douwes

Managing Director, Link Asset Services

The availability of a highly innovative IT infrastructure is a prerequisite to realize our ambitions and strengthen our position in the Dutch market. Looking back on a smooth implementation process as well as a streamlined onboarding of our launching customer, we believe that we have made the right choice with Hyarchis.

Amresh Raghoeneth, Manager Operations bij Quion

Amresh Raghoeneth

Manager Operations, Quion

With unrestricted access to our source documents which contain our customer information, we create a single source of truth within our company. This is a source of truth that we can rely upon within all of our business processes. Together with Hyarchis, this is the first step in a long-term roadmap with which we aim to create large-scale automation for both our acceptance and quality assurance processes.

Paul van Dijk, Senior Product Owner bij De Hypotheker

Paul van Dijk

Senior Product Owner at De Hypothekers Associatie

We entrusted Hyarchis with the delivery of a cloud-based document management system because of their extensive track record in the mortgage industry. Although both project and process were intensive, communication was always clear which resulted in a successful implementation. The rollout to our 180 locations was achieved without a hitch, which can partly be credited to the e-learning that was prepared for the end users. The final product was so intuitive that we were able to use it immediately after implementation as if nothing had changed.


Bahadir Özgür Öztürk

Senior Vice President, Akbank AG

We preferred to use the Hyarchis solution, whose solution we have been using for years, which also works in the cloud. The Hyarchis team responded to all our requests with maximum speed, and we arrived at a solution that meets our needs exactly.

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