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Hyarchis market report: predictions for KYC and AML in 2030

Shape the future of your financial institution and unlock the power of digital KYC and AML compliance. Get your hands on Hyarchis’ industry report today and take the first step toward a KYC & AML-compliant future.

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Hyarchis helps you

Manage your archive

Get the most out of your digital archive. Storing, retrieving and sharing of data is now quick and easy. The result: your customer data is more accessible and archive management takes a fraction of the time.

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Stay compliant

Verify the accuracy of customer data, perform PEP and sanction checks and store customer data in a secure manner. A structured process reduces the risk of fines and reputational damage.

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Get to know your customers

Hyarchis helps you stay in control during the entire customer journey. From onboarding to monitoring and remediation: you know who your customers are and can serve them better.

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Clients that trust us

Key benefits

Work more efficiently

Our solutions help you to automate manual processes. This saves time and money and reduces the chance of errors.

Avoid fines and reputational damage

We keep track of changes in legislation for you. This gives you the certainty that you always comply with the requirements of supervisors.

Turn data into information

Our applications turn large, unstructured archives and datasets into a source of valuable information. You will gain a better insight into your customers.

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Reduction in client onboarding touchpoints
End customers streamlining documents
More cost-efficient compliance

Client testimonials

With unrestricted access to our source documents which contain our customer information, we create a single source of truth within our company. This is a source of truth that we can rely upon within all of our business processes. Together with Hyarchis, this is the first step in a long-term roadmap with which we aim to create large-scale automation for both our acceptance and quality assurance processes.

Amresh Raghoeneth Manager Operations from Quion
Amresh Raghoeneth

Manager Operations

We quickly secured a market share by offering something that did not yet exist in the Netherlands: a digital-only platform for the acceptance and servicing of a rental mortgage. With us, everything is digital: our platform runs entirely in the cloud, making it available 24/7. Such a flexible, on-demand platform is important for a market developing at lightning speed.

Gijs van Reeden Managing Director from BCM Global
Gijs van Reeden

Managing Director

The availability of a highly innovative IT infrastructure is a prerequisite to realize our ambitions and strengthen our position in the Dutch market. Looking back on a smooth implementation process as well as a streamlined onboarding of our launching customer, we believe that we have made the right choice with Hyarchis.

Rik Douwes Managing Director from Link Asset Service
Rik Douwes

Managing Director

We preferred to use the Hyarchis solution, whose solution we have been using for years, which also works in the cloud. The Hyarchis team responded to all our requests with maximum speed, and we arrived at a solution that meets our needs exactly.

Bahadir Özgür Öztürk Senior Vice President from Akbank
Bahadir Özgür Öztürk

Senior Vice President

We entrusted Hyarchis with the delivery of a cloud-based document management system because of their extensive track record in the mortgage industry. Although both project and process were intensive, communication was always clear which resulted in a successful implementation. The final product was so intuitive that we were able to use it immediately after implementation as if nothing had changed.

Paul van Dijk Senior Product Owner from Hypotheker
Paul van Dijk

Senior Product Owner

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