Hyarchis Compliance Manager: Client Onboarding and Compliance
Hyarchis Compliance Manager (HCM)

With Hyarchis Compliance Manager, client onboarding is now a piece of cake. Tailor your onboarding processes to your client acceptance policy while complying with relevant laws and regulations.

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Enhanced compliance with our new KYC Audit Trail

Our new feature simplifies client onboarding and monitoring for accountancy firms. Efficiently manage required documents and achieve real-time visibility through intuitive status indicators.

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Robust screening in global databases
Robust screening in global databases
Leveraging real-time data sources
Leveraging real-time data sources
Continuous monitoring for diligent compliance tracking
Continuous monitoring for diligent compliance tracking

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Clients Acceptance

Legislators, as well as industry organizations, require you to obtain all kinds of KYC information about your clients. Our intelligent questionnaires, based on industry standards, help you to gather the right information with a minimum of fuss.

Clients Acceptance process
Document Processing

Speed up the onboarding process by empowering your clients to upload all the necessary documents to our secure environment. Our document module automatically identifies and processes important documents like the deed of incorporation, identity documents, articles of association, and shareholders’ agreements, and stores them in our KYC Audit trail.

Document processing
Identification Process

Our identification module offers different methods to verify your customer’s identity. We ensure the authenticity and accuracy. Additionally, we conduct an extra check by running the document through the VIS database and other verification processes.

Client identification process
Chamber of Commerce Check

We automatically retrieve the most recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce and add it to the KYC Audit Trail. The extract is used to verify the information provided by the client and serves as the basis for the PEP, sanctions and UBO checks.

PEP, Sanction and UBO checks and adverse media scan

As the final step of the onboarding process, we run the information provided by the client through eleven different databases. This includes PEP and sanctions registers, as well as fraud and insolvency registries, and UBO and media databases.

PEP, Sanction and UBO checks and adverse media scan

Integrates with

Keep the overview with our dashboard & KYC audit trail

Hyarchis Compliance Manager dashboard
The results of all compliance checks are centrally displayed on a dashboard, giving you an instant overview of potential risks and issues. All onboarding information is stored in a dedicated dossier called the KYC Audit Trail. Here, you will find all relevant documents for each client neatly organized in one place.

Choose the right solution for you

Document Manager
Document Manager

Can be chosen as a stand-alone solution

Cloud-based document storage
Tailored dossier structure
Document sharing
Document and version history
and more
Compliance Manager
Compliance Manager

Can be chosen as a stand-alone solution

Identification process
Intelligence questionnaires
PEP & sanction checks
KYC audit folder
and more
Document Manager  + Compliance Manager
Document Manager + Compliance Manager

Combined solution

The combined package offers a comprehensive solution by integrating both Document Management and Compliance Manager
Additional add-on features integration
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Client testimonials

Hyarchis Compliance Manager (HCM) allows us to comply with AML and CTF regulations in an efficient and user-friendly way.

Gilbert Verhulst Quality Manager from DRV Moore
Gilbert Verhulst


The key reason to purchase DCM? DCM puts us in control with regard to AML and CTF regulations and we can do that using one single application. The second main reason why we chose DCM is the fact that the application uses SRA content. For us as SRA members that is a big plus, also because SRA reviews us.

Wim Versteeg Partner / Registeraccountant from WEA
Wim Versteeg

Partner / Register Accountant

The firm has been using Hyarchis Compliance Manager since 2020, in order to be able to comply better with AML and CTF regulations. The application gives a clearer picture of new clients, resulting in a more accurate risk profile of clients.

Sanne van Schaik Accountant from 4Vision
Sanne van Schaik


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