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The benefits of Regtech in transaction monitoringThe benefits of Regtech in transaction monitoring

Money laundering and terrorist financing are a serious threat to our society. Legislation and regulations require financial institutions such as banks to monitor their customers' transactions....

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How does Regtech optimise complex risk management processes?How does Regtech optimise complex risk management processes?

Globally, the value of payment fraud in 2019 was $28.65 billion. In the EU/SEPA region, the total value of fraudulent card transactions was estimated at €1.87 billion in the same year....

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How does Regtech optimise Customer Due Diligence (CDD/KYC)?How does Regtech optimise Customer Due Diligence (CDD/KYC)?

CDD guidelines are a fundamental part of the risk management procedures that financial institutions must implement to meet the requirements of the law. In 1977, the Sanctions Act came into...

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Hyarchis welcomes new investors on boardHyarchis welcomes new investors on board

Dutch Fintech Hyarchis has brought new investors on board to accelerate its planned growth. As of 1 November, Hyarchis is owned by six successful software entrepreneurs who will further expand...

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From Big Data to Good DataFrom Big Data to Good Data

Big Data has become a buzzword in recent years, prevalent in all industries. Whether it's mortgage advice or real estate valuations, Big Data is expected to radically shake up traditional...

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Regulatory Technology - our latest research reportRegulatory Technology - our latest research report

In the report, we zoom in on the impact of regulatory compliance and the increasingly important role that regulatory technology is playing....

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Regulatory Technology on the Rise | Hyarchis RegTech ReportRegulatory Technology on the Rise | Hyarchis RegTech Report

In our latest report, "Regulatory Technology on the Rise - from Compliance as Afterthought to Competitive Advantage" we cover the five most current Regtech trends, ranging from Regtech as...

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The global journey to the cloudThe global journey to the cloud

To stay one step ahead today, SMEs must embrace technology with open arms. An aversion to technology is a recipe for failure. In fact, the companies that see most success are those that bravely...

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The necessity of a multi-cloud strategyThe necessity of a multi-cloud strategy

On July 16th, 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield with the introduction of the so-called ‘Schrems II Judgment’. The EU-US Privacy...

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