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Hyarchis Data Science Academy Opens for a New Semester in Kaunas 

published 2024-01-09

Kaunas, January 9 — Hyarchis is thrilled to announce the commencement of the third consecutive year of the Data Science Academy in Kaunas.  

During the specialized course, students will delve into the principles of data science, covering topics ranging from machine learning to data forecasting. The comprehensive program takes 16 weeks, and upon completion, graduates will be awarded certificates attesting to the level of knowledge they have acquired.  

The academy’s mission extends beyond the transfer of essential knowledge; it aims to debunk stereotypes that portray data science as mysterious and inaccessible. 

“We believe in not just imparting knowledge but also in breaking down the barriers that make data science seem elusive. Open lectures, a global standard, offer a platform for professionals to share insights and democratize access to knowledge. Our vision is for these practices to become integral in Lithuania, transforming data science into an accessible and understandable field,” says Artūras Katvickis, the leader of the Hyarchis data science team and the course. 

During the course, participants will learn about the principles of machine learning, data clustering, and classification. They will be introduced to various machine learning algorithms, ranging from statistical to neural networks, and evaluate trained models.  

The course emphasizes practical tasks and case analyses, providing knowledge about the job market, the modern work environment, and good data handling practices. 

The Academy – for Those with Basic Knowledge 

The course has no age or professional limitations – everyone can apply for the DSA. People working in technology who wish to change their career path or students who dream of working in data sciences in the future are all free to join. However, students will need to have basic programming knowledge, so participants will be invited to a simple entrance exam. 

“Over the years of the academy’s operation, we have found that the exam is necessary because it allows us to gather a truly motivated group with a similar level of knowledge and competencies. Learning and progressing can be faster in such a group than in a completely mixed one. However, the test will be straightforward – it is only intended to select participants who have the necessary knowledge to understand the course material,” says Artūras. 

Create Value for Business from the First Days 

At the end of the course, participants will complete a practical final task to assess the skills acquired during the course. Those who successfully complete the course will be awarded certificates indicating their level of knowledge. 

“In the technology sector, it can be challenging to start a career even with the necessary knowledge. Our goal is to equip academy graduates with the most relevant practical skills and enable them to create value from the first days they start working for a company. That’s why we use both a selection process based on knowledge and quality control during the course,” says Vaida Vaščiulienė, the People and Culture Manager of Hyarchis. 

In the first year of the academy’s operation, about 30 percent of participants changed their career path with the help of Hyarchis, and in the following year, about 40 percent. The most talented were also invited to join the Hyarchis data science team. 

This year’s Hyarchis data science academy will start onsite classes on the 5th of February. 

For more information about the academy and registration, visit https://www.dsacademy.lt 

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