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Hyarchis has been assisting its customers in the financial services field in managing their most important data for more than 30 years.

We help customers work smartly, efficiently, and in compliance with laws and regulations, relying on proprietary AI technologies that are unique within our markets.

Today, hundreds of Europe's top financial service providers, such as banks, accountancy firms, pension funds, and tens of thousands of users, rely on Hyarchis solutions. We set the standard for document management, compliance, and KYC lifecycle management platforms.

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Built by data experts, designed for everyone

We get the most out of your most important assets

We know that the value of an archive consists of the information it contains. Do you remember what’s in that paper file from 1997? Let us find that out for you. By digitizing archives of any type and size, turning them into readable formats, the information stored in them becomes accessible again. This is how you turn unstructured data into valuable information.

We turn a mandatory exercise into a commercial opportunity

Onboarding new customers and monitoring existing ones: it’s not the most fun. There is always something seemingly more pressing or more important. You save time with our proprietary software while complying with constantly changing laws and regulations. This is how you turn a mandatory exercise into a commercial opportunity.

Together we keep the financial system healthy

Governments worldwide are increasingly transferring the responsibility for detecting money laundering and other criminal activities to the private sector. However, financial institutions are not always sufficiently equipped for this ‘gatekeeper function’. That is where Hyarchis comes in: we give banks the tools to detect money laundering and combat fraud.

Hyarchis Management Team

Auke Dirkmaat
Chief Executive Officer
Modestas Stirbys
Managing Director and CTO
Krijn Logister
Business Line Director
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Vaida Vaščiulienė
People and Culture Manager

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Contribute to the fast-growing Fintech scene?

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