Hyarchis Comply – Compliance solution for accounting firms
Streamlined compliance solutions for accounting firms

Discover the power of Hyarchis Comply – the leading compliance solution for accounting firms. From onboarding to continuous monitoring and remediation, Hyarchis Comply ensures full compliance with Know Your Customer, AML/CFT, and GDPR regulations.

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Hyarchis Comply platform layout
Enhanced compliance with our new KYC Audit Trail

Our new feature simplifies client onboarding and monitoring for accountancy firms. Efficiently manage required documents and achieve real-time visibility through intuitive status indicators.

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Dutch accountancy offices are being served
Documents are being managed
End customers: streamlining documents efficiently

All-in-one solution for your compliance challenges

Lengthy onboarding processes, missing documents and tedious manual processes are now a thing of the past. Our cloud-based platform streamlines your client onboarding processes, ensures you are in control of the data you process and keeps you compliant with rules and regulations.

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Time and cost savings
Time and cost savings
Automate manual tasks and reduce operational costs.
Enhanced accuracy
Enhanced accuracy
Minimize errors with our intelligent data extraction and verification tools.
Better risk management
Better risk management
Identify and mitigate potential risks through our advanced due diligence solutions.
Streamlined compliance processes
Streamlined compliance processes
Ensure regulatory compliance while keeping costs of time and money to a minimum.

How Hyarchis Comply works

Document Manager
Our cutting-edge document management system combines artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology to ensure that you are in full control of your data.
Securely store and retrieve documents
Search your entire document archive
Identify and classify documents
Automatically blur sensitive client data
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Hyarchis Comply platform layout and functionality showcase
Compliance Manager
With Compliance Manager’s digital onboarding solution in place, you can effortlessly verify the authenticity, accuracy, and completeness of your clients’ documents and data.
Client acceptance
Client identification process
UBO checks
PEP & sanction and adverse media scan
Chamber of Commerce check
KYC audit folder
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Hyarchis Compliance Manager platform layout with dashboard visual

Clients that trust Hyarchis

Hyarchis CCO Auke Dirkmaat discussion with FSV Accountants representatives

Digital onboarding: the Hyarchis way

In this video the team at FSV Accountants + Adviseurs explain how they use Hyarchis Comply to streamline the process of digital onboarding.

Choose the right solution for you

Document Manager
Document Manager

Can be chosen as a stand-alone solution

Cloud-based document storage
Tailored dossier structure
Document sharing
Document and version history
And more
Compliance Manager
Compliance Manager

Can be chosen as a stand-alone solution

Identification process
Intelligent questionnaires
PEP & sanction checks
KYC audit folder
And more
Hyarchis Comply (Document Manager +  Compliance Manager)
Hyarchis Comply (Document Manager + Compliance Manager)

Combined solution

The combined package provides integrates Document Manager and Compliance Manager for a full service solution.
Integration of additional add-on features
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Integrates with

Client testimonials

We were searching for a system that integrates with our CRM and our finance solutions and Hyarchis Comply does that seamlessly. This means that the documents automatically are put directly into Hyarchis.

Gijs van der Voet Director from Vandervoet Finance logo
Gijs van der Voet


The firm has been using Hyarchis Compliance Manager since 2020, in order to be able to comply better with AML and CTF regulations. The application gives a clearer picture of new clients, resulting in a more accurate risk profile of clients.

Sanne van Schaik Accountant from 4Vision
Sanne van Schaik


What really impressed us was the user-friendliness of the system, everyone in our office is able to work with the software. What Hyarchis Comply offers we have not yet encountered in other solutions.

Gert Jan van Ginkel Director from Administratie- en Advieskantoor J. van de Winkel
Gert-Jan van Ginkel


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