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Dossiers with checklists: optimizing accountancy efficiency

published 2023-10-30

Create ready-made dossiers in no time with Hyarchis Document Manager. And our Checklist option shows you at a glance all the information present in the dossier.

Dossiers take center stage as comprehensive collections of financial documents for individual cases or customers. These documents include invoices, receipts, contracts, bank statements, tax returns, and more.

The key to effective document management lies in how these documents are organized within dossiers. They must follow a logical structure, clear naming conventions, and file structures to ensure easy searching and retrieval.

When adding dossiers in Hyarchis Document Manager, you can choose from a selection of dossier templates, streamlining the creation process. Furthermore, you can add custom subfolders to tailor your document structure to your specific needs.

Ensure your dossiers are comprehensive and well-organized by including essential metadata such as client names and numbers. You can also define permissions and roles associated with each dossier, ensuring everything is in order. After setting your preferences, a single click of “Save” is all you need to finalize the dossier creation.

Additionally, you can easily enhance your dossier by directly dragging and dropping files from your desktop or Windows Explorer into the HDM environment.

But that’s not all.

Discover the benefits of our Checklist option

Our Checklist option shows you at a glance what information is present in a dossier and which (necessary) documents are still missing. Checklists are indispensable for firms that want to get their compliance processes in order, have immediate insight into the status of a dossier, and want to be able to make quick decisions based on available information.

Benefits for Businesses: Efficiency and Compliance

The Dossiers with Checklists offers notable benefits for accountancy firms:

  • Meeting Industry Standards: Dossiers with Checklists is designed to align with the guidelines of leading organizations such as SRA, NOVAK, NOAB, AUXILIUM, EXTENDUM, and FISCOUNT.
  • Efficiency in Document Management: A well-structured dossier is not just desirable but essential for efficient and effective accountancy work. It enables accountants to swiftly access the information they need, whether it’s related to a specific case, individual, or company. This immediate access streamlines workflows, supports better decision-making and enhances overall efficiency.

The result is a seamless, organized, and efficient document management system that ensures compliance, saves time, and elevates the quality of accountancy work.

Want to see these features in action?

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