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GDPR Compliance

Ensure your digital archives are GDPR-compliant in a fully automated manner. For example, inaccessible source documents are fully compliant in no time by blurring personal data or medical records.

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Automatic data anonymization

Automatic data anonymization

GDPR compliance is something quite special. Using optical character recognition, it scans incoming and existing documents - and blurs out the data you don't need to keep. Identification numbers, medical information, or social security numbers can be omitted. Compliance management never felt this good.
Total data control

Total data control

It doesn't just end there, though. GDPR compliance can even blur out images and large text sections. By blurring out any type of sensitive customer data and suited to unstructured documents of any file type, GDPR compliance offsets the threat of data breaches.

Only store the data you need to

Never run into data minimization and compliance issues again. Blur out the information you don't need to keep. Automatically or with more control - it's up to you.

The problem
The problem
Your digital archive has been in development for years, if not decades. Before GDPR was even in scope, data and documents entered your systems. Often, this data clashes with GDPR standards.
Our solution
Our solution
GDPR compliance offers a fully automated solution that recognizes relevant documents which cannot be stored in your digital archive, blurring sensitive that conflicts with GDPR requirements.
Hyarchis helps identify documents that cannot be stored in your digital archive and blur sensitive data within relevant documents.

Case studies


Where BCMGlobal started in 2019 as a greenfield operation in the Netherlands, in less than two years it has become the undisputed market leader in investment mortgage servicing. This growth, according to Gijs van Reeden, Managing Director Change & Technology BCMGlobal, can be attributed to the technological proposition BCMGlobal put in place together with Ohpen and Hyarchis: -170.000 documents -452.000 pages -185 GB of data -121 document types GDPR compliance automatically blurs out BSN numbers Documents are made compliant upon reception GDPR compliance offers an accuracy of 98%

Syntrus Achmea begouw
Syntrus | Achmea real estate & Finance

Within a period of 6 weeks, 70,000 mortgage files, or 1.5 million documents, were scanned with the goal of finding a BSN number. With an accuracy of 95%, around 700,000 BSN numbers were successfully blurred out. This not only saved SARE&F a year in manual effort and associated costs, but it also provided SARE&F with a scalable model for ensuring the future compliance of legacy data. Hyarchis GDPR compliance checked: -70.000 mortgage files -1,5 million documents -7 million pages -2 terabytes of data Hyarchis GDPR compliance delivered: -6-week lead time -95% accuracy -12 months in time saved -Scalable compliance model

GDPR Compliance

Gijs van Reeden, Managing Director bij BCMGlobal

Gijs van Reeden

Managing Director at BCMGlobal

We quickly secured a leading market share by offering something that did not yet exist in the Netherlands: a digital-only platform for the acceptance and servicing of a rental mortgage. With us, everything is digital - we are one of the first services that no longer works with physical documents at all. Unlike other mortgage servicers, our platform runs entirely in the cloud, making it available 24/7, and uses the latest technology. Such a flexible, on-demand platform is important for a market developing at lightning speed.

Martijn Groenewegen, Directeur IT bij Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance

Martijn Groenewegen

Director of IT at Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance

The introduction of GDPR conflicts with our retention obligation, which means that we can no longer store sensitive information such as a BSN number in our archive. Removing these BSN numbers sounds simple until you become aware that our archive consists of large volumes of unstructured and uncategorized documents. Thanks to GDPR compliance , we can scalably meet regulatory obligations in all cases and in conjunction at the same time

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