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Gone are the days of manually combing through files using up valuable human resources. By utilizing Governance solutions, you are ensuring data privacy compliance. Fully automated and reliable solutions provided by Hyarchis help you remove, obscure, and enrich customer data in files and documents in accordance with the relevant legislation. Stay in control over your archive and your customer data. Verifying the accuracy of documents in personal cases could not be easier and you will also prevent data leaks in the process.

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Complex process of manual personal data omission becomes a simple task in no time with our AI-driven blurring solution. All your customers’ personal data, which cannot be kept in accordance with legislation such as GDPR or Basel IV can be easily removed in a fully automated manner.

The solution can handle all possible document types. Even if files are unstructured or scanned, Blurrify utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) technology to identify the relevant sections with a near 100 percent accuracy and blurs out the personal details.
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Data Integrity

Long hours of manual work are replaced by an entirely automated way of checking data integrity. As GDPR constantly requires companies to verify the accuracy of documents in personal files, our records management solution generates a consistent process of data verification.

Correct file storage requires precision. Our document control solution assures the prevention of any data breaches, ensuring that all documents in a file are accumulated properly. All relevant data points are also cross-checked to verify whether documents have been filed in the correct case. Misfiled documents are flagged for manual verification.
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Customer Due Diligence | Hyarchis

Customer Due Diligence

Certain customer cases require additional security and control procedures. The Customer Due Diligence solution either identifies people with a heightened risk profile or customer files in which critical data is missing. Our customer due diligence solution helps you to stay in control of customer and/or customer files which require your immediate attention.

Managing risks with regards to customers requires you to be in control of your data at all times. In an archive which has grown historically, some data that might have seemed irrelevant a decade ago can suddenly gain crucial importance. Our Customer Due Diligence solution helps you to effectively retrieve missing and/or hidden information from your customer files so to manage potential risks effectively.
Testimonial Martijn Groenewegen Syntrus Achmea | Hyarchis
Martijn Groenewegen
IT director, Syntrus Achmea Real Estate en Finance
The introduction of GDPR conflicts with our retention obligation, which means that we can no longer store sensitive information such as a BSN number in our archive. That sounds simple until you become aware that our archive consists of large volumes of unstructured and uncategorized documents. Thanks to intelligent and automated solutions, we can meet regulatory obligations in all cases and in conjunction at the same time.
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