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Hyarchis nominated for Computable Awards 2022

published 2022-07-28

The Hyarchis Data Science Academy, which opened in Lithuania in February, has been nominated for a Computable Award, in the category “Educational Project”.

The Data Science Academy is a Hyarchis initiative to train the next generation of data scientists: the Generation Alpha, the first true digital natives.

With the Data Science Academy, Hyarchis is looking ahead to 2030, reason for the head jury of the Computable Awards 2022 to nominate the project.

“We are very happy with this nomination,” says CEO Adriaan Hoogduijn. “With Hyarchis, we want to build the first system that is intended to help banks serve the Generation Alpha and thereby become truly digital-native themselves. The students who are trained at the Data Science Academy will help with this.

Cast your vote for Hyarchis

You can help us win the Award by casting your vote on the Computable website. You can vote until September 11.

About the Computable Awards

Computable will present the Computable Awards for the seventeenth time in a row in 2022. These prizes are awarded to companies, projects and individuals who, according to Computable readers, have clearly distinguished themselves in the past year.

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